Capcom Aims For New Generation With Kid-Friendly Monster Hunter Game

Capcom Aims For New Generation With Kid-Friendly Monster Hunter Game

"Hey kids, wanna see a dead Rathalos?"

Wu-Tang is for the children, and soon Monster Hunter will be, too. (Again.) A recent translation of Capcom's 41st shareholder meeting revealed the studio is working on a Monster Hunter project tailored for middle- and- high-schoolers.

RPGSite translated the shareholder meeting, which was held online because of COVID-19 concerns. (You can see the original Japanese transcript for yourself on Capcom's site.) One shareholder said they'd like Capcom to "once again sell a Monster Hunter that can be enjoyed by middle-and-high school students." Capcom responded positively to the idea: "We do have a development project for a Monster Hunter that can be enjoyed by middle-and-high school students, so please look forward to it in the future."

Another shareholder later clarified on their blog (also translated by RPGSite) that the question addresses the earliest days of Monster Hunter's popularity, when the series caught fire with Japanese schoolkids who played the series together on the PSP. Monster Hunter: World for the PS4 and PC is a mega-hit, but as an open-world triple-A console game, it strays far from those portable PSP beginnings that brought kids together in the early aughts. Is Capcom aiming to return to those roots with its new project, or does it have something else in mind when it says it's working on a Monster Hunter game for schoolkids?

Another tidbit out of the shareholders's meeting: Capcom reconfirmed Monster Hunter: World is not coming to the Switch. That's not a surprise for such a resource-heavy game. The Switch does have Monster Hunters Generation Ultimate, a port of the enhanced Monster Hunter Generations for the Nintendo 3DS. We'll see if Capcom's mystery Monster Hunter projects involves Nintendo's console-handheld hybrid.

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