Capcom Announces Ace Attorney 6 with an Eye to the West

Phoenix Wright's upcoming courtroom adventure has been confirmed for both Japan and America. But does this mean we'll never see the series' most recent spin-off?

For Ace Attorney fans, there's no time worse than the wait between the announcement of a new game and the confirmation of whether or not said game will be localized. So it was definitely refreshing to see Capcom's official twitter account for the series leak some great news just a few days ago:

Even with this announcement, there's no denying Ace Attorney is a series intended first and foremost for a Japanese audience: Capcom of Japan has a nice teaser site for the game, while their US counterpart doesn't even offer a formal announcement. Still, it's nice to at least have some sort of official confirmation, since the fate of Ace Attorney has never been a sure thing in America. Even when teamed with the popular Professor Layton, Phoenix's 2012 game took two years to reach us.

While Ace Attorney 6 won't be the product of series creator Shu Takumi—the Dual Destinies team will be heading this one up—the changes to Capcom's standard formula look promising. According to Ace Attorney fansite Court Records, this latest sequel will drop Phoenix into a foreign land, where he finds himself jailed and at the mercy of a legal system that bears little resemblance to the one he's familiar with. Along with having to cope with these new rules and regulations, Ace Attorney fans can also expect a much more difficult game than 2013's Dual Destinies. In a direct response to feedback, Ace Attorney 6 won't offer as many direct clues, and should give players the opportunities to disable hints.

The only lingering question, though, is "What about The Great Ace Attorney?" Capcom's announcement brought plenty of responses asking exactly this, and, to date, the publisher has made no official announcements about its release in America—and just as Capcom of Japan has started winking about the possibility of a sequel. Even if this gives Ace Attorney 6's announcement a slightly bittersweet nature, more of the series in America is always a good thing.

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