Capcom Explains Why A Certain Resident Evil 7 Character Looks The Way He Does

The publisher shoots down a popular fan theory in a blog post.

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If you've made it to the end of Resident Evil 7, then you know that a face familiar to Resident Evil fans pops up at the very end of the game. Unfortunately, the face isn't actually familiar, while the name is: Chris Redfield. Redfield is shown rescuing Resident Evil 7 protagonist Ethan Winters, before flying off in a helicopter that says "Umbrella" on the side.

The fan theory was that "Chris Redfield" was in fact, Hunk, the masked Umbrella mercenary that made his first appearance in Resident Evil 2. Hunk face has never been seen and some believed the Umbrella connection was Hunk using Chris' name as a swerve to throw players off.

In a blog post released over on Capcom Japan's website, Resident Evil 7 director Koushi Nakanishi has thrown water on that fire, explaining why Chris has a new face.

"This time, each character is made on the premise of photo realistic depiction, and Chris Redfield which appears in 'Not A Hero' also receives a pretty impressive impression," said Nakanishi, according to a translation by Eurogamer. "Although it is fairly realistic impression, even if it mixes with the character of '7', it seems that a sense of incongruity will come out."

A character closer to classic Chris Redfield does appear in the upcoming Resident Evil: Vendetta CG film, but even then, the model is different from Redfield's appearance in Resident Evil 6. The meat tank is gone, leaving us with something much closer to Chris' Resident Evil Remaster look.

Not a Hero is scheduled for release as free DLC this spring.

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  • Avatar for Roto13 #1 Roto13 A year ago
    Resident Evil characters have gone through several redesigns over the years, so this isn't surprising. He doesn't look like he did in RE5 and 6, but he also looked different in RE1.
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