Capcom is Re-Releasing Street Fighter 2 on the Original SNES

Capcom is Re-Releasing Street Fighter 2 on the Original SNES

Time is a flat circle.

Look, I get that we're all really bummed that the SNES Classic is hard to find but is re-releasing functioning SNES cartridges really the way to go? At least that's the thought I had when Capcom announced this $100 collector's edition SNES re-release of Street Fighter II, in partnership with iam8bit.

To their credit, it seems like the two companies are going all out with this new re-release which includes a working SNES cartridge of Street Fighter II which will be available in two colors: "Opaque Ryu Red" which looks pretty solid in the promotional image, and "Translucent Glow-in-the-Dark Blanka Green." The Cartridge colors will be randomly inserted into unmarked boxes. Of the 5,500 editions shipped, 4,500 of them will be the Ryu Red while 1,000 of them will be the Blanka Green. Iam8bit says that the versions people get will be completely random.

In addition, the cartridges will be shipped in a Tri-Fold Box with foil, gloss, and embossments, a new premium instruction book, and "retro pack-in surprises."

Street Fighter 2...again.

Apparently this is the first in a line of "Legacy Cartridge Collection" from iam8bit so get ready to dust off your original SNES, the one that still plays cartridges.

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