Capcom "Starting to Prepare" More Switch Games Thanks to Ultra Street Fighter 2 Sales

Capcom "Starting to Prepare" More Switch Games Thanks to Ultra Street Fighter 2 Sales

It's unclear if this means more ports, or original games.

The success of Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challenger on the Nintendo Switch has apparently prompted Capcom to start preparing more Switch games, according to the latest financial report from the Japanese video game company.

Reports revealed that the Street Fighter 2 port sold over 450,000 copies during the first quarter of the financial year. Capcom considers the game a success and that it "made an excellent start and proved to be a smash hit.

As a result, the company is "starting to prepare" for more Switch games, though it's unclear whether this means more enhanced ports like Ultra Street Fighter 2, or original IPs.

You might recall that Capcom previously held a wait-and-see approach to the Nintendo Switch, even going as far as to say that any future development for the console by the company depends on the performance of Ultra Street Fighter 2, a port of an existing game Capcom sold for $40. While Capcom's approach echoes that of other game developers like EA, it seems that the Switch delivered the sales Capcom was looking for to start taking the Nintendo console more seriously.

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