Capcom "Starting to Prepare" More Switch Games Thanks to Ultra Street Fighter 2 Sales

It's unclear if this means more ports, or original games.

News by Matt Kim, .

The success of Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challenger on the Nintendo Switch has apparently prompted Capcom to start preparing more Switch games, according to the latest financial report from the Japanese video game company.

Reports revealed that the Street Fighter 2 port sold over 450,000 copies during the first quarter of the financial year. Capcom considers the game a success and that it "made an excellent start and proved to be a smash hit.

As a result, the company is "starting to prepare" for more Switch games, though it's unclear whether this means more enhanced ports like Ultra Street Fighter 2, or original IPs.

You might recall that Capcom previously held a wait-and-see approach to the Nintendo Switch, even going as far as to say that any future development for the console by the company depends on the performance of Ultra Street Fighter 2, a port of an existing game Capcom sold for $40. While Capcom's approach echoes that of other game developers like EA, it seems that the Switch delivered the sales Capcom was looking for to start taking the Nintendo console more seriously.

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  • Avatar for moroboshi #1 moroboshi 11 months ago
    Entirely undeserved. This was an incredibly lazy port of a very old, and frankly very ugly Xbox 360 game. And all sold for far more than it was worth.

    High sales will only encourage more bad behaviour.
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  • Avatar for chaoticBeat #2 chaoticBeat 11 months ago
    I might pick up USF2 when it's $20 if I'm not over it by then.
    That said, Street Fighter 3: Third Strike on a Switch cart would be so so sexy.
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  • Avatar for Roto13 #3 Roto13 11 months ago
    For an overpriced port of a decades old game on a system that doesn't come with a controller with a dpad, that's a crazy number.
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  • Avatar for SIGGYZtar #4 SIGGYZtar 11 months ago
    Rather have this:
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  • Avatar for kidgorilla #5 kidgorilla 11 months ago
    No opinion on the game either way, but I have a feeling it was a matter of timing. If USF2 came out a year from now, it wouldn't have made the same impact on Switch buyers
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  • Avatar for Outrider #6 Outrider 11 months ago
    So easy money is on Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 (and maybe the first as well) coming to Switch, right?

    Though I'd love to see some ports of older Capcom games like the REmake or Zack & Wiki or Power Stone Collection (can you imagine how perfect Power Stone would be on Switch?).
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  • Avatar for MHWilliams #7 MHWilliams 11 months ago
    @SIGGYZtar Would rather have this:

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  • Avatar for mobichan #8 mobichan 11 months ago
    I am really curious if this means putting development into Switch games internally in Japan or by farming out work to 3rd party western devs. I am more interested in something new and cool coming out of Japan and not another emulation package with some flashy bells and whistles.

    As for any SF game, I can't imagine dealing with the 4 front button format for any 6 button game. If only the Switch had a 6 front face button option. At least Powerstone was made with 4 buttons in mind. How about a new Rival Schools or something with the Switch controller in mind. And I don't mean "joycon" gimmicks, but the handheld controller configuration.
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  • Avatar for themblan #9 themblan 11 months ago
    I hope Capcom sees us as more diverse than "gamers who used to play SFII on Super Famicom and want to share the joy with our kids."
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  • Avatar for SuperShinobi #10 SuperShinobi 11 months ago
    I'd like to see a Ghosts & Goblins collection, which would include the original trilogy and also the PSP's Ultimate G&G and the two iOS-only games: Ghosts'n Goblins: Gold Knights I & II.

    Also Final Fight HD with remastered visuals and the awesome remixed soundtrack from the Sega CD version.
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  • Avatar for ghostsandgoblins #11 ghostsandgoblins 11 months ago
    @SuperShinobi Oh man, I'd love that. I'd want the arcade GnG titles too.

    I'd also love Samus-Returns-style remakes/revisits of Bionic Commando, Strider, Tiger Road, and Trojan.Edited July 2017 by ghostsandgoblins
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  • Avatar for CK20XX #12 CK20XX 11 months ago
    I'm still dreaming of a big budget Mega Man game, even though it will never happen.

    Imagine pursuing 8 robot masters on a single island, but after you beat the first one, the teleportation grid goes down, so you have to hoof it to the rest of them.

    Imagine using your Variable Weapon System to copy various minor weapons and tools for puzzle solving and navigation, which you can acquire, reorganize, and discard with considerable freedom. Master weapons you gain are permanent though and gradually eat into your spare weapon slots.

    Imagine being pursued by a second set of robots revived from the franchise's past. How poorly might Bass and Quick Man get along?

    Imagine the second robot master you fight catches you in a death trap just when you think you've beaten him. Then Auto saves you by landing Big Eddie's on him. Replayability comes from seeing each robot master's unique death trap and seeing Mega Man's reaction when said robot master is suddenly crushed like a soda can. You then have to help Auto refuel Big Eddie's so it can make huge leaps across the overworld while the teleportation grid is still down.
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  • Avatar for SatelliteOfLove #13 SatelliteOfLove 11 months ago

    Been saying this, people don't listen, nor do they reward the opposite enough.
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  • Avatar for MetManMas #14 MetManMas 11 months ago
    @moroboshi The big question I've had since Ultra Street Fighter II came out was why Capcom didn't give us Ultra Street Fighter IV instead. I mean, I know the answer (First person minigame aside, a tarted-up version of S²F2THD is easier to bring to Switch), but it's still bewildering that Capcom went to such effort for a release that looks so half-assed.
    @Roto13 Yeah, I did not expect there to be at least 450K people who were willing to pay $40 just to have something Street Fighter on the Switch. Especially not something that looks like such a cheap cash grab. Like, Super Street Fighter IV's 3DS port looks way more appealing than it.
    @SuperShinobi Don't forget the Japanese Kai version of UGnG that makes it more like the arcade games!Edited July 2017 by MetManMas
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  • Avatar for TheWildCard #15 TheWildCard 11 months ago
    @mobichan A new Rival Schools is such a pleasant dream. Alas, that's all it will be.
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  • Avatar for Captain-Gonru #16 Captain-Gonru 11 months ago
    @SatelliteOfLove It's really a no-win scenario though, isn't it? How do you send the message? If you don't buy it, isn't it just as likely that the message they get is "Switch owners aren't interested in our games", particularly when they explicitly stated that SF's sales would dictate their future releases?
    And I say all this as someone who agrees with your "vote with your wallet" mentality.
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  • Avatar for Wellman2nd #17 Wellman2nd 11 months ago
    @MetManMas The main reason why it isn't Ultra SF4 is because of Street Fighter V.

    Capcom is working to make that game the premier modern SF experience but have stumbled with the general non tournament competition audiences. Bringing out SFIV or even a updated version of SF3 would detract from SFV. Hence what we got.

    Ironically SF4 on the 3DS sold pretty darn good as well, if MH XX does well maybe they give legit support.
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  • Avatar for MetManMas #18 MetManMas 11 months ago
    @Wellman2nd Good point, though Ultra Street Fighter IV is on PS4, and it recently came to Xbox One via backwards compatibility with Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.
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