Capcom Still Wants to Make New IP, Even as Established Franchises Find New Life

Capcom hasn't given up on new franchises, but older ones are doing better than ever.

2019 is arguably one of the best years for Capcom. Resident Evil 2 Remake is one of the most critically acclaimed releases of the year followed by Devil May Cry 5. A new Monster Hunter: World expansion is also on the way. But just because it's been a big year for established Capcom franchises doesn't mean the studio has given up on making new IP.

Capcom's head of consumer games development division 2 and Monster Hunter producer Ryozo Tsujimoto told VGC that Capcom is still interesting in making new IP. "We're not giving up on the idea of creating new characters and series," Tsujimoto says. "It's just we're doing quite well at the moment with bringing new, fresh approaches to our existing series. That's working out very well for us but we'll never take our eye off creating original games in the future."

It's true that Capcom's refreshers on old franchises have been doing very well. Resident Evil 2 has already shipped four million units, Devil May Cry 5 shipped two million. And Monster Hunter: World is Capcom's best-selling game, and all eyes are on the expansion Monter Hunter World: Iceborne.

Capcom is in a rare position where it has a strong library of popular franchises, any number of which could benefit from a new take the same way Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, and Devil May Cry have. Street Fighter hasn't had a new title since Street Fighter 5, and there are other dormant franchises like Darkstalkers, Dino Crisis, and Okami.

The last new IP Capcom announced was back in 2013 for Deep Down, but we also haven't seen much of it since then. Although in 2018 Capcom did extend its trademark for the title.

While it'll be great to see Capcom create a new game, top Capcom directors like Hideaki Itsuno seem interested in revisiting older games like Devil May Cry or Dragon's Dogma. And the strategy seems to be paying off for Capcom.

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