Cappy Can Kill Mario in Super Mario Odyssey

Cappy Can Kill Mario in Super Mario Odyssey

"Capture THIS, fat man."

Mario has always loved his hat. But what happens when his hat says, "No more?"

If Mario doesn't watch his step in Super Mario Odyssey, Cappy will wheel around on him, brandish a knife, and sink it into his plump, ravioli-fed gut.

OK, that's a little dramatic, but there is a glitch that causes Mario's sentient hat pal to off his host.

Twitter user "NichtSascha" recorded footage of the glitch (down below), and it's not too hard to replicate. First, you need to be playing in two-player mode, wherein Cappy is controlled separately by player two. Then you need to capture a Piranha Plant (you can find them in the Wooded Kingdom and Luncheon Kingdom).

Side note: You need to stuff the Pirahna Plant's mouth with a rock before you can capture it, otherwise the beasty bush will simply nom on Cappy. I got this info from Eurogamer; I usually demolish the plants instead of capturing them.

Once you've captured the plant, player two can use Cappy to kill the plant—and extinguish Mario's spirit in the process.

You can bring Mario back to life by fast-travelling back to a checkpoint, but man, those few minutes in limbo must be terrifying for Mario. I think we've all learned a valuable lesson today: Don't make Cappy angry. He's a vengeful little scrap of cloth, and he's capable of ending you if you displease him.

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