Captain Toad for the Switch Has a Treasure Trove of Unused Levels Deep Within It

Just think of them as roads not traveled.

The hit puzzle / action game Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker has more than gold coins and diamonds buried in its depths. There's also a whole bunch of unused levels deep down there. Gasping for air. Screaming silent, dirt-filled screams.

YouTuber and data-diver SKELUX posted a video yesterday declaring half of Captain Toad's levels are unused in the Switch edition of the game. Granted, some of those levels are simply debug versions of finished stages, but there are still some near-finished stages that stand as curious omissions.

I'm a big fan of the frosted cake level SKELUX uses to kick off his showcase. It looks delicious, even though I know eating a cake with snow-frosting would be a miserably cold and soggy experience.

Another interesting "hidden" level is titled "UndergroundTouchCaveStage." As SKELUX points out in his video, this level only exists as a brief clip shown in an E3 demo reel. It didn't make its way to the final product, even though it's seemingly a complete experience. The lighting effects are a little too bright for what's supposed to be an underground journey through a series of flooded tunnels, but otherwise, it looks whole.

If you're not familiar with Captain Toad, you should acquaint yourself. The plucky adventurer made his debut in Super Mario Galaxy, then was gifted his very own puzzle stages in Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U. When the lovable little booger proved popular, Nintendo built a separate game for him, which was subsequently ported to the Nintendo Switch (like many things) last year.

Part of Captain Toad's appeal lies with his inability to jump (not to mention his refusal to unload the heavy backpack that prevents him from jumping). The Captain's limited mobility means you have to make clever use of the game's compact environments to work around objects Mario can jump over in two seconds flat.

This isn't the first time SKELUX has examined a game's innards. Earlier this year he showed us The Legend of Zelda's "Minus World," and it's still a neat trip.

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