Carrion's Nintendo Switch Icon Is, Sadly, Safe For Work Now

Carrion's Nintendo Switch Icon Is, Sadly, Safe For Work Now

No more Lovecraftian private parts. Lovecraftian private parts are canceled.

Today, we say goodbye to an icon, so to speak. The Nintendo Switch thumbnail for Carrion, Devolver Digital's recently released horror game, has been changed. No longer does the icon art resemble—okay, I’m just going to say it up front—a gaping birth canal inviting you into Lilith's accursed womb.

"RIP OG Carrion Switch Icon 2020 – 2020," Devolver Digital tweeted earlier today. Devolver Digital also shared a screenshot of the original Carrion thumbnail, which is notably nestled between the icons for the jolly adventure game Paper Mario: Origami King and the smash family hit Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The new icon, which features a full body(?) shot of Carrion's monster and the game's title, is much less suggestive. Devolver Digital says the space vagina icon was a placeholder icon that was accidentally left in the final release, and the current icon is the one it always intended to use.

Carrion's unique premise grabbed people's attention even before a yawning yoni invited them to try the game. It's a "reverse horror game" of sorts, a dark action title that puts you in the gloppy body of a Thing-like monster that must keep moving, killing, and eating. You can be shot down by the humans that you aim to turn into dinner, so you need to be careful. Adapt, consume, survive, and teach humans what it's like to be under the thumb of another apex predator. Seriously, we really need a hard lesson about our place in the world.

Ahem. Staff Writer Hirun Cryer reviewed Carrion and awarded it a 3.5 out of 5, stating "Although Carrion's story falls largely flat, it's a very satisfying slaughterhouse of gnashing teeth and tentacles." There you go; a monster that looks like a vagina and is equipped with gnashing teeth and tentacles. I guarantee Freud is spinning in his grave like a zombie break dancer.

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