Catherine Classic Comes Loaded With 4K Resolutions and Japanese Language Track

Catherine or Katherine, you decide.

Atlus' mature puzzle game, Catherine, is available now on PC with enhanced features like 4K resolutions, and customizable mouse and keyboard controls.

Atlus teased some incoming Catherine news earlier this week with some very suspicious sheep photos on the company's Steam blogs. Many assumed it was something Catherine related because of the game's sheep motif. Now the news is official, and it's an enhanced PC port called Catherine Classic.

Aside from the 4K resolution and mouse and keyboard controls, Catherine Classic also supports uncapped framerates. And for the first time ever in Catherine's western release, there's an option to play it with the Japanese language track.

Catherine is a unique puzzle-action game centered around the romantic relationships of the protagonist Vincent. As he grapples with things like marriage and the future, he begins having nightmares where he must climb a tower made of blocks each night. If he fails in his nightmare, he dies in real-life.

Catherine was first released in 2011 on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Atlus advertised Catherine by promising it would take a hard look at modern romance, and many of the Japanese promotions for Catherine featured interviews with real couples on the streets of Japan. Catherine itself has a survey mechanic that asks players personal questions about romance to determine the game's ending. It's surprisingly astute.

Catherine Classic should not be confused with Catherine: Full Body which is an upcoming enhanced version of Catherine coming out for the PS4 and Vita. Full Body will include some new storylines and a brand-new character named Rin.

Catherine Classic is available now on Steam for $19.99. Purchasing the game includes some digital bonuses like a digital soundtrack sampler, desktop and mobile wallpapers, and avatars.

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