Catherine: Full Body Heats Things Up in September

Prepare yourself for a blizzard of unseasonable warmth.

When the chill of autumn creeps in this year, you'll be able to count on Catherine (or Katherine) to keep you warm. Catherine: Full Body comes to PlayStation 4 on September 3.

Full Body is a remaster of Catherine, Atlus' odd 2011 puzzle-adventure game about a morally conflicted and sexually frustrated fellow named Vincent. Well, it's 2019 and it seems ol' Vincent hasn't sorted himself out just yet. In fact, life's only grown more complicated if the myriad additions to Full Body are any indication. Look forward to tons of new puzzles, an online battle mode, upgraded visuals, and new music. There's even a new potential love interest to agonize over named Rin. Rin is a "mysterious amnesiac," and we're sure getting close to her won't induce any suffering or consequences. None whatsoever.

Ah, but life gives us enough to scream and agonize over, doesn't it? That's why Full Body also introduces "Safety Mode" that lets you skip puzzles and focus on the game's story, which is chock full of reminders that your biological clock is ticking and you're letting everyone down by not making the most of your life, even though raising a child is a nightmarish undertaking. Thank you, Atlus. Thank you for looking out for us.

If you're a bad enough dude (or lass) to take on Catherine's moral dilemmas more than once, the game recently arrived on Steam with 4K visuals and mouse / keyboard support. All jokes aside, Catherine is a rare game that talks very frankly about adulthood, albeit in its own bizarre way. It's certainly good for repeat playthroughs, and Full Body looks to be a robust remaster that's worth your time (including the hours you'll spend wallowing in existential horror afterwards).

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