Catherine: Full Body Brings Lovesick Nightmares to Switch This July

Catherine: Full Body Brings Lovesick Nightmares to Switch This July

Push, pull, and climb your way to victory.

If you've been dreaming of taking a puzzling love quadrangle on the go, those dreams will come true soon. Atlus' oddball puzzle game Catherine: Full Body is coming to the Nintendo Switch on July 7.

Announced in a surprise Nintendo Direct Mini this morning, Vincent and the three love interests he's torn between will get ported over to Nintendo's handheld console. It'll be the Full Body version, which includes new love interest Rin, a mysterious newcomer who adds a different dimension to the original Catherine's love triangle.

If you haven't heard of it, Catherine is the story of Vincent, a man afraid of commitment who finds himself at a crossroads when he meets a new flame. Torn between long-time girlfriend Katherine and new flame Catherine, as well as Full Body's Rin, Vincent is tormented at night by his decisions. Those nightmares manifest as climbing puzzles to navigate, as the dream world literally crumbles around you.

In our review of Catherine: Full Body, which hit PlayStation 4 last August, Senior Editor Caty McCarthy said the new additions are mostly a win, though the new romance route feels awkwardly shoehorned in. It's still worth it enough for Catherine fans who have stuck by the cult classic, though.

And for new players on the Nintendo Switch, this is an opportunity to check out Atlus' bizarre mix of visual novel and tower-climbing puzzle, as well as hopefully some solid multiplayer. Seriously, Catherine's competitive multiplayer mode is actually good. Check it out sometime.

Last March, Atlus brought up the idea of posting games like Catherine to other platforms. Though it's hard to think that was the X-factor, it certainly couldn't have hurt. Now if only we could get some signs of life from Shin Megami Tensei V.

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