Celebrate July 4th by Remembering America's Only Major Handheld Console

Celebrate July 4th by Remembering America's Only Major Handheld Console

25 years ago, Atari gave us the Lynx. We count down its 10 best all-American games.

You know what's funny about portable gaming? Almost every handheld system of note has been Japanese. Americans may have invented video games and console games, but we've always been curiously absent in the portable space.

It's probably a moot point now that Apple's iOS (born and baked in California) has whittled the market for dedicated consoles down by about half. But up until we began carrying tiny one-touch supercomputers in our pants pockets, we had to look overseas for gaming on the go. The sole exception, of course, being Atari's Lynx.

Launched in late summer 1989, the Lynx arrived on the heels of Nintendo's Game Boy. And, not coincidentally, it was crushed beneath said heels in short order. Despite its impressive power and gorgeous (for the time) color screen, the Lynx just couldn't compete against Nintendo's low price, expansive software library, and wide reach. That isn't to say the system was a dud, though. On the contrary, Lynx produced some fantastic games in its too-short lifetime.

USgamer's resident Lynx fans, Jaz Rignall and Mike Williams, have pinpointed the best of the best for America's greatest handheld console. These classics are worth exploring, even if you've never touched a Lynx in your life. Forget those Nintendo and Sony imports; while you're hanging out on the beach this Independence Day, celebrate America with some true home-grown gaming classics. Just... be sure to bring lots of batteries, OK?

For more retrospectives like this, be sure to visit USgamer's YouTube channel. Heck, you might as well subscribe while you're there. For America.

For the video averse, that list looks like this:

  • Chip's Challenge
  • Klax
  • Lemmings
  • Rampart
  • Desert Strike
  • Joust
  • Blue Lightning
  • S.T.U.N. Runner
  • Hydra
  • Todd's Adventures in Slime World

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