Check Out the Full 18 Minutes of Marvel's Avengers Gameplay

Check Out the Full 18 Minutes of Marvel's Avengers Gameplay

The frequently leaked footage is now complete and official.

Time to bust out the popcorn. Square Enix has finally published the full 18-minute gameplay demo of Marvel's Avengers that was shown at San Diego Comic-Con, featuring every Avenger in action against a new threat.

This footage has bounced around in some form or another for a while, mostly due to leaks at both E3 and SDCC 2019. At least now, you can see it in proper pixels and resolution, rather than shaky hand-cam footage from the sixth row back with blown-out audio.

Each Avenger gets to do their own thing and fight their own way, culminating in a big boss fight between Black Widow and the Taskmaster. I'm bummed that some of the characters seem a little one-note, like Captain America just tossing the shield over and over, though the limited move set might be due to story reasons revealed later in the trailer.

Overall reception of Crystal Dynamics' take on the Marvel universe has been mixed. The character designs in particular were a standout; they look a little off, and it's hard to fight against ingrained notions of what characters like Iron Man and Thor should look like after years and years of MCU movies. Crystal Dynamics has said it is sticking to the plan, however.

In the gameplay department, while Marvel's Avengers has some cool ideas, Mike came away from seeing both Avengers and Ultimate Alliance 3 at E3 2019 feeling the latter was the superior Marvel superhero game. The team at Crystal Dynamics has a while to polish things up though, as Marvel's Avengers doesn't hit store shelves until May 15, 2020.

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