Check Out the Subtitled Trailer for the Next Ace Attorney Game You'll Never Play

Check Out the Subtitled Trailer for the Next Ace Attorney Game You'll Never Play

The Great Ace Attorney's sequel is on its way, though don't expect a localization anytime soon.

Even though Ace Attorney has built up a respectable fan base in the States, each new game's release in America can't help but feel like a minor miracle.

Capcom's digital-only route with Ace Attorney's last two installments has definitely made the series a more profitable prospect for the publisher, but at the same time, they're not 100% devoted to bringing every single one of their anime laywer games to the States. Case in point: Last year saw The Great Ace Attorney, a spin-off released only in Japan that pairs Phoenix Wright's ancestor with none other than Sherlock Holmes. More importantly, it's written and directed by Ace Attorney creator Shu Takumi, who left control of the core series to other developers at Capcom. (Though, to be fair, they're doing a pretty great job.)

This year's TGS featured the announcement of The Great Ace Attorney 2, and thanks to some friendly Internet folks, you can now watch its trailer fully subtitled in English. Granted, it might not make much sense if you didn't play the first game, but you can at least feel extremely envious of all the Japanese Ace Attorney fans who have the luxury of playing this spin-off series.

This isn't the first time an Ace Attorney game has slipped through the cracks in America. 2011's Ace Attorney Investigations 2 never had an official American release, though some fans took it upon themselves to give it a worthy fan translation in 2015. And while the Ace Attorney fan base seems devoted enough to do the same for Great Ace Attorney, you probably shouldn't expect such a gargantuan labor of love for at least a few more years.

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