Chrono Trigger on Steam Gets a Final Patch to Fix Maligned PC Version

Chrono Trigger on Steam Gets a Final Patch to Fix Maligned PC Version

A final patch to make Chrono Trigger up to standards.

Square Enix released the third and final major update for Chrono Trigger on PC, completing a six-month long journey to get the PC release of Chrono Trigger up to standards. This comes after initial reception to the PC release of Chrono Trigger was, let's say, poor.

Square Enix surprise released Chrono Trigger to Steam back in February, but players quickly discovered that it was a port of the mobile version of Chrono Trigger, and not a particularly well-optimized version at that. The sprite art, menu fonts, and other visual aspects of the game appeared to be blown out.

Chrono Trigger

After launch, Square Enix quickly announced that they are working on fixes and released several major patches to help bring the game's sprites, visuals, UI, fonts, and controls up to standards. And each major update has made noticeable improvements to Chrono Trigger on PC.

The final update adds key binding, bug fixes, and a batch of UI improvements. Square Enix even added a nice little extras section in the game's menu which collects Chrono Trigger illustrations, BGM, and movie scenes as part of a new library.

This will be the last major patch to Chrono Trigger on PC, and while it doesn't mean Chrono Trigger is now identical to the SNES original, or include features exclusive to the Nintendo DS version, it is as good as the game will get on PC and a much-needed improvement over its initial launch version.

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