Chrono Trigger Steam Patch to Add Original Graphics Option

Chrono Trigger Steam Patch to Add Original Graphics Option

Crono's going to slip into his old threads later this month.

When Square Enix ported Chrono Trigger to Steam last month, fans of the timeless SNES RPG kicked up a huge fuss over the port's shoddiness. The Steam release's "upscaled" sprites are stricken with tiling errors, the music segues are handled poorly, and worst of all, its UI is optimized for touch screens, not game pads or keyboards—which makes sense, as Chrono Trigger PC is simply the mobile version of the game dumped onto PC.

To give Square Enix credit, it's aware of fans' complaints and it vows to do better. Through the rest of April, Chrono Trigger PC will receive some patches. The first patch, which is due sometime in the first half of the month, will give players the option of switching back to Chrono Trigger's original graphical style.

Looking at these tiles is like looking at an especially unpleasant Magic Eye image.

Square Enix isn't saying whether it's going to fix Chrono Trigger PC's poor UI, but the Steam Community post about the upcoming patches states "Be assured that we’re working very hard on adjusting, updating and supporting CHRONO TRIGGER on Steam." Hopefully "fix the game's menus" is buried somewhere in those adjustments and updates.

The loud pushback against Chrono Trigger PC might've helped light a fire under Square Enix and convince the studio to treat one of its most beloved properties with a touch more respect. As someone who's very disappointed with Crono's Steam excursion, I'm glad to see Square Enix is listening to feedback and has plans to make things right.

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