Civilization 5 Lead Designer Leaves Paradox After Just Six Months

Jon Shafer and Paradox have split over "creative differences."

News by Matt Kim, .

In May, Paradox Development Studio announced that Civilization 5's lead designer Jon Shafer joined the company. However, a short six months later it appears that Shafer has left Paradox due to "creative differences."

"Jon is an ambitious person with a lot of drive and passion and he has led some good discussions in our team over the past few months," said Paradox executive vice president of studios Mattias Lilja. However Lilja reiterates that creative differences led to the "mutual decision that it is best to part ways."

It isn't clear what Shafer was working on over at Paradox, though considering Civilization 5 is one of the best received Civ games, it would presumably leverage the talent of one of the designers behind it.

Until then, Shafer is currently working on another project called At the Gates at indie studio, Conifer Games.

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  • Avatar for benjaminlu86 #1 benjaminlu86 4 months ago
    Civ 5 and Crusader Kings 2 are just about as different as you can possibly get within the umbrella of "turn-based strategy games".
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  • Avatar for SkywardShadow #2 SkywardShadow 4 months ago
    This guy's design philosophy has never clicked with me. He comes off a bit arrogant and I don't enjoy many of his changes to the Civ series.
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