Civilization 6 Is Free on the Epic Games Store

Civilization 6 Is Free on the Epic Games Store

Just one more turn, I promise.

The next free game for the Epic Games Store is one that threatens to steal your sleep. Sid Meier's Civilization 6 is free for PC players on the Epic store now, until May 28.

Only the base Civilization 6 game is free, so those hoping to get the two DLC packs will need to pick up the Platinum Upgrade option (though that is also on sale for half-off). Both Rise and Fall and the climate-focused Gathering Storm seem to add a good deal to the base game, though if it's anything like other Civilization games, you can lose plenty of nights' sleep with just the original.

Civilization 6 made a strong impression at launch, but the free offer on the Epic Games Store coincides with a big step forward for the franchise. Firaxis recently revealed that Civilization 6 will be getting more frequent updates through its Frontier Pass, a series of monthly updates closely resembling a season pass.

It's a pretty notable game to go free on Epic's service, though the storefront has been getting some big games for its free offers. Just last week, the store buckled under the flood of users logging on to nab a free copy of Grand Theft Auto 5, another older but still massive game. It may not have the Heists and open-world sandbox of GTA, but Civilization 6 seems like a pretty good game to pick up if you're looking to lose some late summer nights to "just one more turn."

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