Civilization 6 Rise and Fall Review Round-up: Play Your Way

Civilization 6 Rise and Fall Review Round-up: Play Your Way

Civilization 6's newest expansion opens up how you play.

Sid Meier's Civilization 6 just received a major expansion with "Rise and Fall" on PC. While our own impressions are still incoming, we've rounded up some of the other reviews online, which so far paint a mostly favorable picture of the new expansion.

As of this writing, Civilization 6 Rise and Fall has an aggregate score of 82 based on 20 reviews on the website Metacritic. Rise and Fall seems to be primarily praised for the way it lets players tailor their civilizations to their personal styles more than ever.

On Steam, the reception from players are more mixed, currently averaging a "Mixed" rating out of 457 user reviews. Common complaints seem to center around how the expansion doesn't fundamentally change the problems featured in the base game, and that the expansion does nothing to curb the game's difficulty.

Here's a quick sample of reviews from Metacritic, with a full list of reviews here.

Polygon (9/10)

[Link] "This expansion is a recognition that the magic of this series is in giving players lots of choices - sometimes difficult choices - as we all strive to stamp our own personalities on what is, effectively, a simulation of personal political leadership."

COGconnected (90/100)

[Link] "Overall, Civilization VI was already a game I've put hundreds of hours into, and Rise and Fall has definitely reawakened my excitement. I remember I was underwhelmed by Civilization V at first, but after the two expansions I was fully invested. I was already wowed by Civilization VI, and Rise and Fall only serves to cement my love for this amazing strategy game."

Gamesbeat (82/100)

[Link] "Civilization is at its best when it enables you to tell your own stories. But at release, Civ VI didn't do such a good job at that. Rise and Fall fixes this in many ways, giving your better ways to expand your civilization without resorting to combat."

Gamespot (8/10)

[Link] "As Civ VI's first expansion, though, Rise and Fall works so well with the base game that lingering issues are minor. It enhances, rather than overcomplicates, systems that were already deep and layered to begin with, while introducing features that keep each game engaging from start to finish."

PCGamesN (7/10)

[Link] "Civ VI is undoubtedly a better game with the addition of Rise and Fall - especially when you are struggling to hold everything together through a Dark Age. However, I do not think this expansion brings it to a place where all of its core ideas have really gelled yet."

Digital Trends (7/10)

[Link] "Taken purely on its own terms, Civilization VI: Rise & Fall successfully extends the base game with a heretofore unseen level of overarching structure and new systems that elegantly dovetail into the existing game and fill it out with more consistent decisions throughout. We can't help but feel a little underwhelmed overall, though, given that many of the series' past expansions forced players to completely rethink how they play."

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