CliffyB's Boss Key Announces Lawbreakers

Project Bluestreak gets a real name and an announce trailer. Crazy low-gravity scifi shooters are here to stay.

Three years ago, Epic Games designer Cliff Bleszinski left the company to strike out on his own. One year ago, he introduced Boss Key Productions, a new studio working on a free-to-play sci-fi arena shooter code-named Project Bluestreak. Today, Boss Key has revealed Project Bluestreak's real name: LawBreakers.

Lawbreakers takes place in a world where lunar experiments lead to an event called the Shattering, where the moon broke apart, ravaged the Earth, and messed up gravity. Years into the future, humanity has rebuilt, but using their new gravity-enhanced abilities, cartels of criminals have formed. LawBreakers will be a 5v5 multiplayers shooter where one side will play the Law, while the other side will be play the Breakers. According to Bleszinski, the game will be about "gangs, guns, and gravity."

The trailer features a squad with an unknown male main character, his partner Sam, and an unnamed female character. CliffyB noted that half of the game's cast will female, just in case you were wondering. Lawbreakers will have classes and weapon types, but no further details were given.

It sounds like that game will feature the same high-flying anti-gravity action of Bleszinski's earlier Unreal Tournament. In addition to low-gravity and very vertical levels, there are also grappling hooks, meaning this is going to be an aerial shooter. This slots right in with current trends in more mobile multiplayer shooters, including Titanfall and Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

Honestly, this is the style of first-person shooter I grew up on and I'm glad to see it making a strong return. For too long, we've been stuck with our feet on the ground, with real-world weapons and iron sights. I'm ready for things to be a bit more fantastic again.

The first official gameplay trailer will be released this Friday at 9am EST. I'll be at PAX Prime, so if I get a chance to see Lawbreakers, I'll let you know.

A nice weekend getaway.

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