Club Penguin "Speedrunners" Try to Get Banned from the Game as Quickly as Possible

Club Penguin "Speedrunners" Try to Get Banned from the Game as Quickly as Possible

Save the frames. Curse at the animals.

If you've ever sat in on Games Done Quick or a similar speed running event, then you probably know how creative and determined the community is. Every game, whether good or bad, classic or obscure, is fair game for being disassembled and subsequently sped through.

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But I doubt even the most dedicated speedrunners foresaw the latest trend in the "sport:" Record-breaking attempts to get banned from Disney's browser-based community / game Club Penguin.

The current iteration of Club Penguin is shutting down on March 29 (a mobile game, Club Penguin Island, is launching around the same time), but that's made the "Banned from Club Penguin" subreddit all the more determined to get booted off the game in record-setting times.

Yes, there is a subreddit dedicated to getting banned from Club Penguin in interesting and creative ways, most of which involve creative combinations of bad words. Club Penguin's speed running community values succinctness over poetry, however: The current record holder at the time of this writing (banned in one minute and 54 seconds) repeated the F-word twice to get his account blacklisted. Simple and crude, but very effective. Admirers even offered up advice for shaving off microseconds, e.g. methods of quicker CAPCHA entry and saving a letter by opting for "ass" instead of the F-word.

Just goes to show you can turn anything into a metagame if you put your mind and your basest vocabulary to it.

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