COD: Ghosts Walkthrough. Complete Single-Player Guide

Need help with Call of Duty: Ghosts' single-player game? Our comprehensive walkthrough covers everything from the Prologue all the way through to the adrenaline-pumping Finale.

Prologue: Logan Walker

The action starts with a cut scene. The narrator tells a story of 60 Tier 1 Operators who were sent to drive back a force of 500 enemy combatants. Their objective was to keep the occupants of a hospital safe. For three days they held their ground, but the enemy numbers were too great. The 60 were cut down to 15. Under the cover of darkness, one of the operators evacuated the hospital while the rest returned to the line, lying beneath the bodies of their fallen comrades. When the enemy returned they rose from the ground, using their guns, blades and hands to kill all but one of the enemy soldiers. He was picked up in the desert, wandering aimlessly. When asked about what he had witnessed he told of a force so menacing and evil it could only be described as supernatural. He called them Ghosts.

The game cuts to present day and we see that the narrator is named Elias. He's telling the story to two young men. One of them, Logan is the character you play as. The third man is Hesh and appears to be your brother. Follow Elias and Hesh through the forest and up the street. There's destruction all over the place and a large fireball in the sky but they won't harm you. Once you reach the house just keep following Hesh and help him with the door when he asks for it.

The game takes you back 15 minutes in time. You're playing as Spc. Baker on the ODIN Control Station which is in a low earth orbit. Follow Spc. Mosley to the airlock and into the ship. Another astronaut asks for your help before the ship is boarded. Keep following Spc. Mosley until she's attacked. This part is cut scene but when it's done you've got yourself a weapon. Continue to trail Mosley and take out any enemy astronauts you see. If you want, you can swap your weapon out for one they've dropped. Once the ship is destroyed you'll find yourself outside, but still armed. Keep following Mosley and help her open the RCS Panel. When the panel is off fire your weapon to ignite the fuel lines. Once they explode you can see that Mosley is dead. The sequence ends but it's not clear if you've survived. It doesn't look good.

The game cuts back to present time and you're again playing as Logan. It appears ODIN was used to attack the city you're in. Follow Hesh as he navigates through the destruction and towards your father's truck. As you struggle to keep up with Hesh a large fuel truck explodes near you, knocking you to the ground. When you come to, Hesh and your father help you up and into his truck. As you drive away there's complete destruction all around you.

Brave New World

The mission opens with a cut scene. The narrator explains that the Federation is a collection of South American countries. They took control of ODIN and turned it against America with plans of an invasion. The Federation underestimated America, who fought them to a standstill even though the country was severely weakened. America is now in a defensive war against a more powerful enemy.

You take control 10 years later still playing as Logan. Your dog, Riley, now joins yourself and Hesh. Follow Hesh and Riley through the building to the outside. The Hollywood sign confirms that the setting is currently Los Angeles. Riley seeks out and attacks a target. Don't worry about him, and start taking down anyone else in the area. There's lots of cover, so use it to your advantage. Even though hip firing will work, aim down your sights for better accuracy.

Move up with Riley and Hesh to find some Federation soldiers executing civilians. Engage them and move up using the dumpster if you need cover. Work your way through the gas station and through the large pipe. The helicopter poses the largest threat to you so shoot the soldiers out of it. Just keep moving up and working your way through the hordes of opposition. Keep in mind you have several grenades so throw them into the large clusters of bad guys. Once all is clear grab the rockets as you're instructed. Point the laser at incoming helicopters and fire. Keep the choppers painted with the laser to make sure each rocket hits its mark. When you get the all clear jump into the vehicle with the rest of your squad.

The action continues 20 minutes later at Fort Santa Monica. Be sure to check out Riley being a typical dog going for a car ride. Follow Hesh and regroup with Elias. Hesh explains that the Federation is executing civilians. Elias informs you that you're going to No Man's Land. You've been on the defensive for too long and it's time to strike back. When Hesh asks what part of No Man's Land you'll be heading to, Elias responds with, "You're going home."

No Man's Land

The opening cut scene explains that No Man's Land is an area between Los Angeles and San Diego that is destroyed. Not many people ever go into that area because it's simply too dangerous. Hesh guesses that this might be a test from your father, but either way it has to be important.

When the action starts, you get a brief chance to attack a patrol with Riley. As you switch back to Logan, take down any of the stragglers. Just follow Hesh and Riley into the remains of your old home and beyond. When Riley spots trouble, take control of him and follow Hesh's instructions. Take out the first member of the patrol, and then bark to get the attention of the second. Once he's down head into the house. Hesh will take out the sniper on the balcony and then it's up to you to finish off the two remaining soldiers.

Do as you're told and stack up. Riley will jump through the window and herd the soldiers outside. This is a slow motion event much like the breaching in past Call of Duty games. Just shoot all the soldiers as they run out the door. You'll run into some opposition on the other side of the house. Move cover to cover and take them down as you push forward. Fight your way left around the wreckage and keep your grenades in mind for any groups of enemies who are well dug in.

Follow Hesh through the building and across the bridge. You'll face a few Federation troops here, but nothing to worry about. Take them down and push forward into the large tunnel. Take cover on the right side and let the vehicles pass. When Hesh tells you to take the straggler on the right make sure to put him down with a headshot. If you're spotted you fail the mission and have to restart from the last checkpoint. Don't engage the soldiers on the left, Head to the right and take control of Riley. Move slow, stay in the grass and head towards the objective indicated on your map. Enter the small pipe and take the soldier down from behind. Go through the abandoned bus and keep moving towards your objective. You will have to attack several soldiers along the way but this should be fairly straightforward at this point. Just sneak up behind them and let Riley do all the work.

When you reach your objective you get you first look at the main antagonist. It appears as if he's going to execute a Ghost but he stops, letting him know it won't be that easy. He then orders his men to head to Firebase Charlie and informs them that Operation Homecoming will proceed as scheduled.

Head to the rally point indicated on screen where you'll take control of Logan again. Tail Hesh and Riley until you're attacked by a pack of wolves. This is a largely scripted event but does require some input from you. When the wolf attacks, fight him off until Riley saves you. Grab your pistol and return the favor. When you run out of ammunition and it looks like you're done for, Merrick and Keegan arrive on scene and save the day. Check out their cool masks.

Follow Merrick and Keegan through the gate and engage the patrol when instructed. This is a decent-sized engagement but if you stick to cover you can push through fairly easily. Your squad is capable of doing some damage of their own so pick your shots. As you move forward, try not to sprint, otherwise you'll find yourself getting surprised by spawning enemies. When you get the all clear run with Keegan to the over watch point and the end of the mission.

Struck Down

The cut scene talks about the Ghosts. Letting us know that outside the wall, in No Man's Land, their reputation lingered like a shroud of fear. Merrick and Keegan were two of the men their dad had spoken of in the Prologue. They were headed to San Diego to free their man AJax from the Federation. Logan and Hesh used to only imagine the Ghosts, now they wanted to be one of them.

You take control of a remote sniper rifle to begin the mission. Your goal is to locate the captured soldier from the last mission, Ajax. Scan the stadium field but you won't find your target, he's to your 12 o'clock in the press boxes.

Grab the grenade launcher as instructed and tag the trucks. Don't worry about hitting the jeeps, just go for the larger vehicles. Jump into the truck and blow the charges when instructed. Once you come to a stop jump out and start taking down targets. Work your way to the left and up the stairs, this gives you a tactical advantage with the high ground. There's a sniper rifle there if you're interested as well. You'll have to move back down the stairs again soon and when you do use all the weapons at your disposal. One of your more enticing options is the dog attack, so give it a shot. When you get the all clear regroup at the door and take over the remote sniper as instructed.

You'll see three Federation soldiers through your scope. As soon as you take the first shot the rest of your squad breaches. Scan to the right and take down the lone remaining soldier if he's still standing. When the room's clear you switch back to Logan.

Ajax isn't there but Riley has his scent. As you begin to move you're engaged by an RPG group. Switch back to the remote sniper and take them down. Get back to following Riley who leads you to a partially open garage door. Once you put your gas mask on, toss some Tear Gas under the door to send the enemy patrol scrambling. Just start taking them down, this is pretty much an execution.

The second wave is a little bit more capable of harming you so grab some cover and pick them off. They're all pretty much straight in front of you so it's not too much trouble. After the last bad guy drops start trailing Riley to Ajax's location.

When you hit the door go with Keegan who will lead you to an alternate entrance. Breach as he tells you to. When you head inside it's a slow motion scene so start nailing Federation soldiers. There's about ten of them in total but Keegan and Riley hold their own making it a little easier for you. When it's all clear you've found Ajax but he's not doing well. Just before he dies he lets the team know it was Rorke and that he's targeting the Ghosts.

As soon as you're attacked switch back to the remote sniper and go to work. There's no shortage of targets so make your shots count. You need to cover the Ghosts as they make their escape. When they give you the word, switch back to Logan and start working you own way out. Fight your way to the chopper and cover your own exit with the remote sniper again. Focus on the turrets on the tops of the jeeps. As you fly out of the stadium Elias (your father) radios in tell you to get back to For Santa Monica, it's under attack.


The cut scene has Hesh marveling at how the Ghosts treated their fallen comrade, Ajax. The intelligence they gathered from the stadium indicates that Rorke is hunting Ghosts. For now though, they must get back to For Santa Monica to defend it and find their father.

When you land head to the front line and take control of the LMG. Just start sending lead down range here. As soon as you're warned of incoming artillery take cover. You'll be engaged by an enemy attack chopper, just hit the deck to avoid its powerful guns. When the A10 comes online take control of it and knock a couple choppers out of the air. It's a strafe run so you don't have much time. Do what you can.

Soon after you'll fall to the beach. This is just a straightforward battle so use all the skills you've learned so far. Throw grenades, use cover and thin the enemy numbers as you push forward. You don't have the dog attack option available as Riley is being cared for by another squad at the moment. As you move you'll occasionally be given control of the A10. Be mindful of your own position and focus on any enemy armor. If there's no armor, go for large clusters of Federation troops. As their numbers start to thin, follow Hesh and meet up with Riley.

When your two man, one dog team is reunited you'll encounter some enemy troops roping in from a Federation chopper. Don't waste the bullets, just put a couple grenades at the base of the chopper to take them out. Pick up any stragglers with your primary weapon. Go with Hesh under the garage door and look for your father.

Hesh will tell you to go up stairs. As you may have guessed, it's not all clear. As soon as you reach the top you're jumped by a Federation soldier. This is a partially scripted event so follow the on screen prompts to defend yourself. No matter what you do you're going to be stabbed. Hesh arrives to save you and comments that it looks worse than it is.

When it looks like all is lost, a Ghost comes through the ceiling and saves you. You come to in the chopper, where Hesh is telling a Ghost you have to go back and look for your father. You're told he isn't there anymore. The Ghost then removes his mask to reveal that he is your father. All of these missions have been tests, and you've passed. You are now part of the Ghosts. As the mission ends the group considers their options to deal with Rorke, as it turns out he used to be a Ghost as well.

Legends Never Die

You begin the mission with a cut scene. It was 12 years ago that the Federation's military threatened South America. Their leader, General Almagro, demanded all U.S. citizens imprisoned or executed. Rorke convinced Washington to send the Ghosts to solve the problem. An invasion force, led by Rorke, was sent to destroy the Federation and eliminate Almagro. He became obsessed with it, talking of the man like he was a bounty. It was clear, Rorke would stop at nothing to claim it.

The mission begins 12 years earlier. You're playing as Elias Walker who is also Hesh and Logan's father. You're in a squad with Merrick, Ajax and Rorke. An interesting combination since Rorke killed Ajax in a previous mission. As soon as you're given control you're in the fight. Follow the tank and use it for cover. Head into the parking garage and wait for the green light to start the engagement. Climb on top of the missile truck and melee the soldier before you drop a grenade inside. There's plenty of cover so keep pushing forward until you're knocked the ground by a scripted event. Once you're back to your feet follow you squad.

Merrick expresses his displeasure with the mission. Rorke insists they push on, they're Ghosts. Head outside and take down the three Federation soldiers. This will stir up more resistance so shoot to kill until the roof falls out from underneath your feet. Just enjoy the ride until Rorke gives you a hand out of the rushing water. Follow him and crouch under the water when he tells you. After he takes the first enemy soldier down crawl under the debris to reach the next two. Take your man down and then watch as Rorke brutally eliminates his.

Follow Rorke and take down the various pockets of resistance on your way to meet up with Merrick. Obviously you don't have Riley but you can make use of your grenades. When you reach Merrick he tells you that Almagro is still in the city. With the benefit of a full squad keep pushing forward and punishing the Federation troops.

Move through the building and jump aboard the fleeing chopper. Take out the first guy before Almagro drops you with a punch. As he prepares to execute you, Rorke tackles him to save your life. Shoot Almagro and brace yourself for impact. This event is largely scripted. Grab the wire to stop from falling and then grab Rorke's hand. As much as you want to be the hero and return the favor he just did you, if you don't let go you die. Let go of Rorke's hand and watch as he plummets to the water to end the mission.

Federation Day

As per usual, the mission starts with a cut scene. Elias explains that Rorke's body was never found and he was declared MIA. Hesh asks why he's hunting Ghosts and Elias explains that the Federation got to him first. If the Federation can turn him, they can turn anyone. What's worse is that a Ghost never stops until his mission is complete, so they must find Rorke before he finds them. The team is headed back to Caracas where it all began.

You're back to present time. Hesh and Logan are now wearing the masks of the Ghosts. Use the Optical Scanner to confirm your target, Ramos before using the zip line to reach the building. You're still on the zip line but you can repel between floors. Listen to Keegan's instructions and move between the various floors and rooms taking out the targets he calls out. When you're all clear, cut through the glass and enter the building.

Follow Keegan to the power system and upload the virus. A patrol comes by but you have time to finish the upload and hide in the cubbyhole. You'll be spotted but Keegan has your back. Hook back up to the ropes and kill the power. Use headshots and take out the two guards on the left balcony. Keep repelling down and use your knife to kill the lone guard below. As soon as you do you're attacked, take the lead guard out by throwing your knife, Keegan will pick up the straggler.

Keep tailing Keegan and ambushing the unsuspecting guards as you go. When you come to a large group shoot out the television and activate the strobe on your gun. Move around the room and take out the blinded Federation guards. When you get the all clear turn your strobe off and follow Keegan to meet up with Hesh.

Kill the power to the elevators and start working your way through the opposition. When the last target falls hook up to the ropes get out of there. Look up to see the floor you were on explode and the enemy fall to their deaths. Repel down and work your way towards the High Value Target (HVT). Don't let them pin you down, push forward. If an enemy gets to close, melee them with your knife. When you get the all clear Hesh tells you he's found Ramos.

As Keegan and Hesh interrogate Ramos, Rorke comes on the television and tells you he knew you were coming for him. Hesh screams at him for trying to kill Elias. Rorke comments that the sons of Elias, boys, were sent to do a man's job. Rorke says that a decade ago Elias left him to die in Caracas, and from this night forward he can live knowing he sent his own sons to their death. It was all a setup.

Follow Hesh and Keegan through the building to the window. As the building collapses you'll start to slide, feel free to shoot any helpless enemies as you go. when you break through the window pull your parachute and end the mission.

Birds of Prey

In the cut scene, Elias explains that they recovered Ramos' laptop. For the next twelve hours they know Rorke's location. He's on a floating industrial complex occupied by the Federation. NORAD wants Rorke alive. You'll be hunting him in some salvaged helicopters while Elias coordinates the units from a plane above.

Move through the canyon towards the complex. When you arrive there will be almost endless targets to engage. They're lit up so you should have no trouble finding something to shoot at. Just keep working your way through all the enemy opposition you see. From time to time you'll be locked onto, just pop flares as shown on screen. Eventually enemy helicopters’ll attack you. Aside from the fact they are in the air, take them down the same as you would the ground targets. When the choppers are down continue engaging ground targets. Pay attention to your radio and objectives marked on screen.

When the targets are all down you'll switch back to Logan as part of the assault team on the ground. Move forward , eliminating Federation targets as you go. The enemy enjoys throwing grenades in this portion so watch for the on screen indicator. Either get out of the way or throw them back. Push on with your squad. Use the cover to survey the situation and engage the enemy. There's nothing special about this, just good old infantry combat.

When you reach the end of the ground forces you'll briefly switch back to the helicopter. Take out the indicated targets before taking control of Logan again. Head up to the roof for another batch of infantry to deal with. Push through them to reach Rorke. Watch as Merrick tosses him through the window to end the mission.

The Hunted

The cut scene shows Elias interrogating Rorke about something in San Diego. He threatens to throw Rorke out of the plane but Rorke won't break. Telling him he's been beaten, Elias pleads with Rorke to give up, he's lost. Rorke tells Elias that he hasn't lost, in fact, Elias just made his job a whole lot easier. Rorke's Federation men board the plan with zip lines. Before you're thrown from the plane, Rorke tells Logan to come find him if he makes it out alive. There's always room in the Federation for one more.

As you free fall from the plane pull your parachute. The landing isn't ideal and you'll end up stuck in a tree. Follow the on screen prompts to cut yourself loose. When you hit the ground, use the heartbeat sensor to locate enemy patrols as you move. Take them down silently to avoid detection. As you come across a large group, move off to the sides. Avoid killing if at all possible and just keep pushing forward. If they get close, try going prone in the forest. As you work your way through you'll come to the plane's wreckage, follow the instructions and move around it, not through it. If an engagement does bog you down, use the trees as cover and refer to your heartbeat sensor to take the targets down.

After you regroup with the squad kick off the first engagement to free Merrick and Hesh. Follow your team through the river but don't engage the helicopter making the supply drop. Stay low and move with your pistol, knife and heartbeat sensor equipped. When you encounter a patrol, use the waterfall to hide and let them pass. Keep moving with your squad. Do not engage any enemy soldiers unless you are spotted.

When you make it through to the other side of the field a missile launches. The team wonders if it's nuclear. Soon after an enemy chopper spots you. Head to the left with your squad and slide down the hill. Just run for your life, there's no shooting to be done here. Head over the waterfall to rendezvous with Riley and your ride home.


When the cut scene rolls Elias confirms that the missile launch did not hit the United States. They aren't sure where it hit but he's sending Hesh and Logan to find out. You're objective is to infiltrate a facility located in the Andes and find out everything you can about their missile program.

Follow your squad through the snow towards the guard tower. Snipe the guards as you're instructed. If there's multiples, you fire first. Follow the on screen indicator to clear the dead body and wait for the patrol. When told, take out the driver in the lead vehicle jump in. Keegan will drive to your objective so just enjoy the ride and take in the advice from Merrick.

When you reach the objective, follow your squad until the timer ticks down. When the power goes out activate your Night Vision Goggles. You enemy can't see you right now so you shouldn't have trouble taking them out. Pick up the drill when you can. There's a monitor to make sure you drill to the right depth so pay close attention to it.

The power is back on and engagements are back to normal. Use cover and push through the resistance with your squad. When you reach the nest drop your bag on the table. You're given a turret, mines, claymores and tear gas. Deploy the turret at the bottom of the steps and facing the main door. Grab the mines and claymores and deploy them throughout the room. When the Federation forces hit, take cover and drop as many as you can. If the turret is in a good place it should do most of the heavy lifting. You will be attacked from the left and right flanks so keep a sharp ear for your squad to warn you. Don't let your grenades go to waste, throw them to keep the advancing forces off of you. When the data is collected toss your tear gas and make your escape.

Follow your squad as you walk past the enemy forces. You're disguised as Federation soldiers so just keep moving. When you reach the vehicles jump inside and hear that the data you just stole contains kill estimates for cities around the United States. Your cover is blown when you're stopped by a checkpoint. Jump on the turret and listen to your squad to call out enemy opposition. Shoot the ice in front of the vehicles chasing you. Depending on the platform you're playing on, you can earn the Deep Freeze trophy or achievement by dropping eight vehicles into ice holes. When you reach the extraction you complete the mission.

Atlas Falls

The cut scene lets you know that the intelligence gathered provided useful information. The Federation missile program is being developed in a factory near the Port of Rio. That coast is locked down so you're being sent in to create a diversion by sinking their Atlas Platform to the south.

When the mission begins you're underwater. Detonate the charges and take out the soldiers as they fall through the ice. Break through the ice and start mowing down the opposition. Keep in mind to use your grenades and cover if you get overwhelmed. When you get the all clear deploy your grappling hook and ascend. When you hit the top start dropping Federation soldiers and keep following your squad.

After you breach the door toss a flash bang inside. Start fighting your way through the room but don't move forward too quickly. Make sure to always keep targets in front of you. Breach the second door and use the console. Stay on Merrick's six and engage when he gives you the weapons free command. Push through the opposition until you reach the Command Center.

Take control of the console and keep the pressure in the green. If you get it on the first attempt you'll unlock the Grindin' trophy for the PS3 and Xbox 360 achievement of the same name. When everything starts to explode just run and follow Merrick. Look back to see the Atlas destroyed, ending the mission.

Into the Deep

As the cut scene plays Elias tells us that the diversion worked and most of the Federation fleet was heading for the Atlas. One ship remained to guard the missile factory, a destroyer packed with advanced weaponry. The only way to take it down is from 60 feet below the surface. Keegan and Logan are tasked with sinking it.

When you gain control you're playing as Logan again. Just follow Keegan for the first little bit and enjoy the scenery. Shoot the two soldiers on patrol before taking cover in the shipwreck. Keep moving forward on Keegan's mark and clearing out the varying levels of resistance. When you get close to the doors help him cut through the doors.

As you move forward the destroyer starts to drop sonar blasts. Stay right behind Keegan and take the control panel from him. Guide the missile towards the large heat signature on the ship to sink it. The lighthouse you were in will crumble knocking you out. When you come to Keegan will help you fix your oxygen mask. Just follow him through the water and take out any divers you might encounter.

When the enemy starts to drop depth charges do as instructed and take cover in the ship. Keep right on Keegan's six until you come across a pool of sharks. Once Keegan is clear it's your turn. Try not to get too close to these devastating predators. Anticipate their movements and stop if you have to. One wrong move and you're going to be missing a large chunk of your body. Once you're clear of the sharks swim Keegan to complete the mission.

End of the Line

The opening cut scene has Hesh wondering where Rorke is. If he's as good as they say he is, what lies in store for the Ghosts? The factory contains something that the Federation never wanted them to see, but soon enough they were going to find out exactly what it was.

As the mission starts it's Logan and Merrick. Drop down and knife the soldier to kick things off. Merrick is slightly more emphatic about his kill. Follow him and take out the lone guard on patrol. Meet up with Keegan and Hesh as you gain entry to the factory.

Move with your squad until you go through the large door. Once you're inside seek cover and begin to work through the opposition. Listen closely to the callouts to help locate targets around the room. Once you're inside Black Zone you find what looks like space based weaponry. Use the camera to send back the images requested by Elias.

Follow your squad to the next area and approach the computer. Use the on screen instructions to copy the data. As you're finishing up the door is breached and Merrick is knocked to the floor. This is all about survival so take cover and start wasting Federation troops. Once your squad pops smoke equip your thermal goggles and shoot the heat signatures. The enemy can't see you so push forward. Lose the thermals when instructed and proceed to move and shoot. Many of the Federation soldiers here have blast shields so use cover and take full advantage of your grenades.

When you get the all clear run with your squad to the next set of doors. Once the doors are breached it's more of the same. Find cover behind any objects you can and start thinning out the enemy numbers as you push forward. Jump down to face a full on assault from complete with Hummers. Use the loading bay as cover and defend yourself until the trailer arrives. Jump on and turn your attention to your six o'clock. Engage the pursuing vehicles until you're out of ammunition and the mission ends.

Sin City

You begin with an extra long cut scene. Keegan is being sent to Colorado Springs where you'll rendezvous with him at 12:00 hours. As you wait for his arrival the squad is attacked. Elias, Merrick, Logan and Hesh are all taken prisoner by Rorke who starts to interrogate them. In an attempt to get Elias to reveal Keegan's location, Rorke shoots Logan. As he turns his attention to Elias, Logan tries to intervene and is knocked to the floor. Rorke then shoots Elias in the chest three times. Elias looks at Logan and tells him he's proud of him. Rorke comes over and kills Elias by shooting him in the head.

As the clock passes 12:00 hours it appears as if the Ghosts will be executed. Just as Hesh is about to be shot, Keegan starts dropping targets through the window with a high-powered rifle. Grab the pistol and start dropping targets.

Head through the next door and clear the room. Go into the kitchen and hide in the side room as instructed. Don't engage targets, just wait for the patrol to pass. Follow your squad onto the balcony and wait for Keegan to kick off the engagement. Use the balcony walls for cover and eliminate the threats below. You don't have grenades so be sure to aim down sight and pick your shots. When their numbers start to dwindle head down the stairs and finish off any stragglers. Keep working your way down and through the building. Try to pass over enemy dead bodies for leftover grenades.

When the room is clear crawl under the gate. The team wonders where Riley is. As you breach the next door you're engaged from both the front and behind you. Just run and follow your squad, jumping out the window. You'll fall to the ground and lose consciousness. When you come to there's more Federation soldiers to take down on the outside. Riley starts things off by attacking a lone soldier but is shot and injured soon after. Grab Riley and carry him forward. When you encounter resistance set him down behind cover and take the enemy soldiers down. As things settle down your squad will tell you to grab Riley again. Keep repeating this process and moving forward. Board the helicopter to complete the mission.

All or Nothing

The cut scene reveals that when a Ghost is killed, his remains are placed face down and he's pointed in the direction of his home. His weapon next to him. This is done so that when the fallen reach the other side they can watch over their living comrades. Hesh and Logan's father is gone, but the Federation is still there, as well as Rorke. Hesh says good-bye to his father to end the scene.

Riley is sitting this one out and Logan is given Elias' old Ghost mask. The aircraft carrier you're on is being boarded. Head topside and defend the ship. There's not a lot of cover, but enough that you should be able to control the engagement. You're loaded up with grenades and flash bangs so make sure to use them to your advantage. Just keep moving along the deck of the ship and eliminating Federation troops.

When you get the all clear regroup with your squad. Grab the Osprey targeting control and head to the Defend indication on screen. Use the missiles and mini gun to eliminate as many boats as you can. When you control Logan again follow your squad across the deck of the ship. Use the rig as instructed and start taking down the enemy gunship and helicopters. Listen closely to your squad and direct your attention to the targets they call out. When the gunship is down follow your squad across the damaged carrier. Jump aboard the chopper to end the mission.

Severed Ties

The Federation has their satellites and missile program operational. An assault team is headed to the Federation's space station and take control of their orbital weapons. The Ghosts are tasked with taking out the space station's early warning array on the ground. You can expect the most intense fighting of the war. Rorke could be in the area, but the priority is on destroying the array.

As the mission begins it's not clear who you're playing as, but you're controlling the weapon system for a tank. When you hit the ground you'll follow the rest of the tank squad. As you encounter resistance start taking out the Federation tanks. Switch to guided rounds to take out the attack choppers. This part of the mission is just a matter of destroying the targets indicated on screen. Be as accurate and quick as possible to avoid taking too much damage and dying.

When the last of the targets is down you switch to Logan who is manning a mini gun on a transport helicopter. Start engaging the foot mobiles on the ground and then jump through the window into the building. Finish off any stragglers that you missed with the mini guns and prepare to breach the door. This is a slow motion event, pick your shots and when it's all clear follow Hesh. Walk over to the control panel to trigger the missile launch.

Command confirms the missile has been launched and orders you to evacuate. Hesh and Logan refuse Merrick's order and decide to go after Rorke. You have just about 9 minutes to take him down before impact.

This is one of the final big pushes to the end of the game. Use all the tricks you've learned up to this point. Take advantage of the cover provided, throw your grenades and keep pushing forward. This mission is timed so don't allow yourself to be pinned down. Follow Hesh to the loading bay. Same as before fight your way through to get Rorke before he makes his escape. When the loading bay is clear sprint forward and jump on the train with Hesh.

You'll switch back to weapon system for the tank. You need to take out the anti air turrets. Push across the bridge and follow the tank squad. When you get close your objectives are marked on screen. Work your way around the complex, taking out any opposition and the turrets as you go. As you near the completion of your objective you'll take a hit, when you come to there is word all the turrets are down but there's just over one minute left until impact. Exit the tank and run for the objective. Climb aboard the other tank and take over the turret. As you exit the complex you get a view of the missile strike and destruction.


The attack on the array was successful and the assault team is ready to breach the Federation space station. You're controlling Sergeant Thompson, also known as Icarus 1-2. Follow your squad and take out any of the Federation targets that you see. Move forward as instructed until the fuel lines explode. Follow 2d Lt. Collins and keep working your way through the enemy astronauts. When you get the all clear set the charge and breach the control room. You'll enter in a slow motion breach sequence so pick your shots carefully.

Take over the control console and release the payloads. Use the drone targeting system to direct the incoming missiles towards large clusters of enemy troops. Make sure not to hit the train that Logan and Hesh are on. Just keep targeting the enemy clusters and waiting for more instructions. When the last of the large enemy build-ups are down you're told to target Logan and Hesh. In fact, it was they who gave the order.

The Ghost Killer - Finale

The action begins fifteen minutes before Sergeant Thompson fired the missile at Logan and Hesh. Hesh radios to Merrick that if he gives the command "checkmate", to fire a missile at the train. Follow Hesh towards the front of the train and start dropping enemy targets as you go. The train's moving so targeting is somewhat more difficult. Still, if you aim down sight and pick your shots you should be able to make forward progress.

As you make your way towards the front of the train you'll encounter some enemy helicopters, take out the gunners. When you enter the tunnel it's time to turn your attention back to Federation soldiers. Put them down and keep fighting your way towards Rorke, and revenge. When the train is clear, jump down and prepare to breach the main car.

The breach is another slow motion event. Take down the rushing Federation soldiers to trigger the final showdown with Rorke. He gets the upper hand on Logan and shoots Hesh in the stomach. At one point or another, he's now shot Hesh, Logan and Elias, the entire family. Facing imminent death, Hesh gives Merrick the "checkmate" order. Rorke demands to know what he's done, just as the missile makes its impact.

When you come to the train car seems to be hanging in the air, possibly from the bridge. Rorke tries to shoot Logan but is bashed over the head by Hesh. The two engage in hand-to-hand combat while you pick up the .44 Magnum on the floor. The gun is empty but Hesh tosses you some rounds. As Rorke tries to get reach you, Hesh grabs him from behind. Fire your gun to shoot Rorke, but the bullet travels right through him and into Hesh as well.

As the train plummets to the water below grab Hesh and start making your way out. You reach the surface, both brothers still alive. Drag Hesh up the beach as he checks in with Merrick. He tells you to sit tight as your evacuation comes for you. Hesh looks at Logan and tells him he's proud of him.

As the credits start to roll don't leave your chair. We soon cut back to the brothers sitting on the beach where Rorke once again attacks them, first kicking Logan in the face and then Hesh. Rorke tells Logan he's good, and would have made a hell of a Ghost, but that's not going to happen. Rorke says there isn't going to be any Ghosts, he and Logan are going to destroy them together. He then drags Logan away as Hesh screams, ending the game.

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