Comfort Food Games: The Series

Comfort Food Games: The Series

Want to know which titles the USgamer team return to time and time again? This here is a list of our very own comfort food games.

Over the years, we've all purchased and played any number of games, but there are a few titles that stick with us. Games that you pull out and play when you have a really bad day, when you're depressed, or when you're just plain bored. Games that act like comfort food; they may not always be good, but they resonate with you for some reason.

Comfort Food Games is a series of articles in which the USgamer team explores the games that we return to time and time again. The games that make us happy and help us forget about the rest of the world every time we hit 'start' or 'enter'. The titles that we've probably purchased again and again on different platforms.

The following list is all of the games we've covered in our series so far.


According to Jaz, Blizzard's easy-to-learn, difficult-to-master card game is perfect digital escapism.

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Dark Souls

Bob explains why, more than three years later, he just can't let this seminal action-RPG go.

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Kat delves into her ongoing appreciation for the seminal monster collecting series.

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Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Bob explores why he keeps returning to its underappreciated PSP predecessor.

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Jeremy looks back at three years of ongoing addiction... and why he'll probably never finish this massive RPG no matter how long he plays.

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Chrono Trigger

When two RPG giants teamed up, they created a game worth revisiting again and again - by design, as it turns out.

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World of Warcraft

Mike explores one of the games that he can't put down, his refuge in times of stress or boredom: Blizzard's World of Warcraft.

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Bionic Commando

More than 25 years after its debut, Capcom's NES platformer remains a unique and endlessly replayable take on the genre.

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Theme Hospital

Bob revisits one of his favorite CMS (construction and management simulation) games and wonders why this addictive little genre didn't get much love after the go-go '90s.

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Mega Man 2

Jeremy contemplates the intricate web of great game design and complex personal experiences that keeps him coming back to this NES classic.

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Marathon 2 Durandal

Why Bungie's earliest shooters continue to tug Jeremy's heart.

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Final Fantasy Tactics

Mike looks at why Square Enix' cult classic keeps him coming back for more.

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Super Robot Wars

Kat does her best to unpack the appeal of Japan's ultimate robot crossover series.

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Dragon Quest IX

Jeremy talks about the game he'll probably never finish no matter how long he plays it, and why that's just fine.

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