Conker Lead Details Ill-Fated Bad Fur Day Sequel in Which Conker Dies

The squirrel would've had to fight his way out of the underworld.

Conker may not be around much nowadays, but at least we've got an idea of where his series could have gone. Chris Seavor, the project lead for Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded—as well as the voice of Conker himself—took to Twitter today to share some documents outlining what would have been a likely Bad Fur Day sequel.

In what Seavor calls "Other Bad Day," there would have been four parts, with Conker dying in a fight against a reanimated Panther King. Due to some scheming, the Panther King would reign in Conker's place as a body double, while Conker has to fight against Death to get out of The Basement. The outline goes into detail on the whole game, and includes some concept art of characters like the reanimated Panther King and what appears to be a new love interest for Conker, Bunni the Rabbit.

A concept for the world layout of Other Bad Day | Chris Seavor / Twitter

The Castle would have served as a hub world for the game, with different sections branching out into various discrete areas for Conker to explore. Other Bad Day would have included the return of the Tediz, several of Conker's pals, and a few old villains as well. Each section seems to have some different ideas as well, with one featuring aerial combat ("a la Afterburner style") and others introducing twists like turning Conker into a "clang."

Since 2005's Live & Reloaded, Conker has been out of the gaming spotlight. He's popped up in Project Spark, Microsoft's maker-game, and got a refresh for Rare Replay, but he hasn't had a new game to call his own in some time. Thanks to Seavor's posts, we can at least see what could have been for the crass squirrel.

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