Control DLC Roadmap Teases an Alan Wake Expansion

Control DLC Roadmap Teases an Alan Wake Expansion

Bah gawd King, that's Alan Wake's art!

The Remedy universe is getting even more tightly knit. In a roadmap teasing the upcoming DLC rollout for Control, the latest mind-bending action game from the studio, one entry called "AWE" is already teasing a tie-in with another Remedy series: Alan Wake.

In the teaser art, you can see two distinct art pieces of art splitting the word "AWE" in half. While the lower looks to show Control's Jesse floating in some mysterious place, the upper half shows an image that looks like Alan Wake's cover art, flashlight and all. (Also, as my coworkers were happy to point out to me, "AWE" could mean "Alan Wake Expansion.")

Alan Wake, still lost in the woods after all this time. | Remedy

Rights for Alan Wake recently reverted back to Remedy, leading to speculation on what could happen next for the property now that it was back in its creator's hands. And while Remedy's Sam Lake has said that the studio has tried to make Alan Wake 2 several times, it seems like a Control tie-in could not only test those waters, but makes a lot of sense in the scheme of things. Besides, Alan Wake has already been confirmed to exist in the Control universe, thanks to a hidden secret in the latter game.

Control came out only a few weeks ago, but has already surprised us with its reality-bending third-person action and the setting of the Oldest House. And while this mysterious "AWE" DLC is slated for mid-2020, another expansion called "The Foundation" is set for early 2020 that intends to explore the history of the Oldest House. "Expect things to get weird," Remedy says.

If you've already wrapped up playing Control and are still searching for answers, be sure to check out our postmortem on the game with narrative designer Brooke Maggs.

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