Control Motel Puzzle - How to Traverse the Motel

Control Motel Puzzle - How to Traverse the Motel

Here's how to traverse the motel puzzle in Control.

You probably won't have been playing Control before you come across one of the first puzzles in the game, which involves a light switch and a motel. In this Control motel guide, we'll be walking you through how to traverse the motel as quickly as possible, so you can reach the hotline on the other side.

Control How to Traverse the Motel

In the list below, we'll be giving you the brief steps in completing the Control motel puzzle. If you require a more detailed walkthrough however, you can find that straight underneath the list.

  • Pull the light switch three times.
  • Ring the bell on the desk three times.
  • Go into the new room at the end of the hallway.
  • Pick up the key on the desk.
  • Go to the other end of the hallway, use the key on the door on your left.
  • Pull the light switch three times.

Control Motel Puzzle Explained

The motel puzzle in Control kicks into gear when you reach the end of a corridor that has the hotline telephone in a glass room before you. However you can't simply walk into the glass room and answer the phone, because there's a massive chasm between the two of you.

First off, remember the rule of three. Pull the light switch at the end of the corridor three times, and you'll be transported to the Ocean View Motel. Now head forward, straight down the hallway, and you'll see that you can interact with the service bell on the reception desk.

All you need to do is ring the reception bell three times. When you do this, a door at the opposite end of the hallway to where you started will open. Head into this new room, and you'll find an item that you can pick up on the desk within the room, which is actually a key.

You can now take this key, and return to near the end of the hallway where you first appeared in the Ocean View Motel. As you get close to where you started off, you'll see that there's a door on your left that you can interact with.

Interacting with this door with the key in your possession will instantly unlock it. You can now head into this next room behind the door, which has a single light switch cord hanging from the ceiling.

You probably already know what to do at this point. Simply pull the light switch cord three times, and you'll be transported straight into the glass room with the hotline telephone. You're now free to answer the hotline, so it's mission accomplished for the motel puzzle.

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