Controversial Metroidvania Game Shadow Complex Remastered Patched for PlayStation 5 Support

Controversial Metroidvania Game Shadow Complex Remastered Patched for PlayStation 5 Support

However you feel about it, you can now play Shadow Complex Remastered on the PlayStation 5.

Are you a proud PlayStation 5 owner who's been seized by an inexplicable itch to play an early Metroidvania game? We have excellent news for you. Epic Games' Shadow Complex Remastered was recently patched and is now backwards compatible with the PlayStation 5.

Resetera poster "GOOCHY" noticed the update earlier today. We reached to Epic, and a spokesperson confirmed the patch is engineered to make Shadow Complex Remastered for the PlayStation 4 work with the PlayStation 5. Sometime later, Epic announced the patch on Twitter.

Shadow Complex Remastered is a graphically pepped-up version of the original 2009 Shadow Complex, which arrived on the Xbox 360 with some controversy. The game's story is based around a world penned by Orson Scott Card, who is a celebrated sci-fi author and a notorious homophobe. Card wasn't directly involved with the script, which is penned by comic writer Peter David, but he still made money off the game's use of his intellectual property. This has understandably caused some LBGTQ+ gamers and their allies to steer clear of Shadow Complex and its remastered counterpart.

Outside of the discourse surrounding its story, Shadow Complex enjoyed a successful debut. Its emphasis on exploration and backtracking seems overly familiar in today's Metroidvania-stuffed indie game market, but at the time of its launch, it filled a niche that had laid dormant on consoles for a long time.

Epic Games started work on a sequel to Shadow Complex as far back as 2010. However, the title was set aside several times over in favor of other projects, including Epic's popular Infinity Blade mobile series. Epic still teases the possibility of a sequel on occasion, but nothing's been confirmed.

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