Corner Wolves, Brass Lion's Debut Game, Will Lead Off With an In-Universe Podcast

Corner Wolves, Brass Lion's Debut Game, Will Lead Off With an In-Universe Podcast

Audio storytelling from the corner.

Corner Wolves is the first game coming from the recently formed Brass Lion Entertainment, but ahead of its eventual launch, the universe will get a publicity boost from another source: audio. Brass Lion Entertainment announced yesterday that it is partnering with Marginal MediaWorks and premium podcast service Luminary for a fictional podcast of Corner Wolves.

Made up of developers who have worked on games like the Mass Effect series, Sleeping Dogs, and Skyrim, Brass Lion Entertainment was founded last November with an explicit goal to add more diversity to the gaming landscape. Its first game, Corner Wolves, reflects that: it follows Jacinte, a young woman on the hunt for her father's killer in '90s Harlem. Alongside the core mystery, it will address the war on drugs and its effect on youth in the neighborhood, as well as the birth of modern hip hop.

A spokesperson for Brass Lion confirmed to USgamer that the fictional Corner Wolves podcast will involve the main cast of Corner Wolves and partially overlap with the timeline of the game. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Corner Wolves podcast is expected to go live sometime in May on the Luminary service.

While games have brushed with adjacent podcast content before-who could forget the Metal Gear Solid 4 integral podcast?-this is an interesting way to introduce a new game from a brand-new studio. Having a built-in audience from external media could be a boon for Corner Wolves, and it opens up some interesting narrative possibilities within the universe.

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