Cory Barlog: Five More God of War Sequels is Just "Speculation"

Cory Barlog: Five More God of War Sequels is Just "Speculation"

Maybe don't get your hopes up for five God of War games just yet.

God of War director Cory Barlog is making five more God of War games. Or is he? Maybe don't be so quick to mark your calendars.

The quote comes from a recent interview Barlog had with the writers at Kotaku on their podcast. When asked by Kotaku "how much of the future games" Barlog has mapped out the director responded with a frank "five."

This then led to a discussion that it would take 25 years to make these mapped games considering this God of War took five years to make. Of course that's a long time and Barlog probably doesn't want to spend that long on God of War sequels.

As websites began reporting the quote as indication that the God of War franchise might run into the next quarter century, Barlog responded on Twitter with incredulity. Twitter moments even got excited about the prospect of five more God of War games to Barlog's skepticism.

Of course nothing is stopping Barlog from making five more God of War games. But in the context of the quote and Barlog's response on Twitter I think it's safe to assume that just because Barlog has five God of War games mapped, isn't a confirmation that God of War will get four more sequels.

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