Cosmic Star Heroine Likely Coming to Nintendo Switch, Creator Says

We can be heroes on the Switch, hopefully.

News by Nadia Oxford, .

2017 was an epic year for RPGs, so there's a chance you might've missed out on Zeboyd Games' Cosmic Star Heroine when it dropped last April.

Luckily for you, the world is occasionally merciful about handing out second chances. And your second chance to play Robert Boyd's lovable retro-style RPG may come to you on the Nintendo Switch.

"Roll for initiative, meatsacks."

Nothing's confirmed yet, but Boyd reached out to USgamer earlier today with some hopeful news. "A contractor contacted us about doing a port [of Cosmic Star Heroine] and publishing on the Switch," he says, "and their terms were quite favorable. Nothing signed yet, but I'm optimistic."

Well, that's cosmic-tacular (sorry)! Don't forget, Kat and I started a Cosmic Star Heroine RPG report on Axe of the Blood God just last week. Listen in as we talk about the earliest parts of the game's story, its character introductions, its unique battle system, its cool art style, and much more.

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  • Avatar for Gamer-Law #1 Gamer-Law 8 months ago
    Lost Sphear released and now Cosmic Star Heroine potentially coming to Switch...not sure my day can get much better!
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  • Avatar for mattcom26 #2 mattcom26 8 months ago
    Awesome... based on what I'd heard until today it seemed like it might not happen, which would be a crime. A perfect fit for the Switch.
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  • Avatar for SIGGYZtar #3 SIGGYZtar 8 months ago
    Nothing can drive them away.
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  • Avatar for Tetragrammaton #4 Tetragrammaton 8 months ago
    Yes! YES! Cosmic Star Heroine was the game I put BOTW down to play. It's probably my favorite turn-based RPG from last year, maybe even my favorite Western game from 2017. Great news from Zeboyd!
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  • Avatar for admiralsnackbar #5 admiralsnackbar 8 months ago
    I backed this on KS but wasn't able to clear enough backlog until recently but by then I wanted it on Switch.

    I've heard the dev has been having trouble getting the port approved but I'll definitely double dip when it does!
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  • Avatar for Outrider #6 Outrider 8 months ago
    @admiralsnackbar Yeah, I got my Kickstarter version but only put in a few hours. I honestly turn on my PC so rarely these days (since I mostly play games on console and mostly browse the internet on my phone/tablet) so I haven't gotten back into playing it. I'd definitely be tempted to pick it up again on Switch.
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  • Avatar for Macattack0344 #7 Macattack0344 8 months ago
    As a salty Vita-based backer of CSH, part of me can only roll my eyes at this news. However, my love for the Switch (and appreciation for indie devs) is much higher.

    Plus, the longer dev time will help me chip away at that ever-increasing backlog of mine.
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  • Avatar for ArdeaAbe #8 ArdeaAbe 8 months ago
    Whoop! I am really excited to play this game and a Switch port will be how I play it. I enjoyed the first CSH report on Axe of the Blood God.
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  • Avatar for mattcom26 #9 mattcom26 8 months ago
    Wondering also if there's any chance of a physical Switch release that includes extra content or bonus features like a making of video or something along the lines of the recent Axiom Verge Multiverse Edition.
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  • Avatar for theinternetisodd #10 theinternetisodd 8 months ago
    Remember listening to@kat.bailey and@nadiaoxford interview Robert on Axe of the Blood God last year. Kat asked about a Switch port and at the time he said he'd like to but didn't know how to start (or something to that effect). I've been holding off buying this game because I know I wouldn't play it unless it was on Switch (due to nothing but lifestyle which massively restricts my gaming time). So very happy to hear this news!
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  • Avatar for Gamer-Law #11 Gamer-Law 8 months ago
    @mattcom26 - I had the same thought about a potential Switch physical release, but I am not sure what legal restrictions Zeboyd has with LRG. They may have given LRG certain rights regarding physical distribution.
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  • Avatar for Thad #12 Thad 8 months ago
    So, uh, any word on that Linux version?
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