Could Beamdog Be Making a New Planescape Title?

Hints point to a new entry, not a remaster.

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A few hints and a lot of speculation are pointing towards Beamdog, the developer behind Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, and Planescape: Torment's Enhanced Editions, making something new for the Planescape universe. The first is a new video by Storyhive, a documentary on Beamdog itself. In the video at around 2:37, one developer is working on concept art for "Fated", with a file name of "faction_Fated_thumbs".

The section in question.

Avid Planescape fans know the Fated as one of the factions within the game. The Fated believe purely in power: if you have to power to do something or take anything, than your actions are just. The faction believes every person creates their own fate. More importantly, the name of the folder is "Planescape Unraveled", pointing to something new in Planescape.

Over on ArtStation, artist Amy Cornelson, a current concept artist at Beamdog, showed off sketches for "Golden Lords Townsfolk", another faction within Planescape: Torment (seen below). The Golden Lords are the powerful people of the city Sigil, which stands at the hub of the Great Wheel. The city is connected to every other place through its portals.

Beamdog is already working on its own brand-new projects, but there's been no indication of what yet.

"We're also going to be developing our own projects and brands. For now I can't reveal anything, but going forward you'll see both great licensed and original IP projects from Beamdog," studio lead designer Philip Daigle told RPGamer.

The stars are aligning, with Bioware's David Gaider joining Beamdog last year to become the studio's creative director. He noted big plans from the studio when his new position at the studio was announced. The only thing bigger than trying to follow-up Planescape: Torment with a full sequel or expnasion, would be a brand-new game.

"Not that it was an easy decision to leave BioWare behind, as it truly was not, but Beamdog has exciting plans and I'm thrilled to now be a part of them," Gaider told Eurogamer last year.

Either way, Beamdog is doing something brand-new. It successfully redid Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, and Planescape: Torment, and released all-new DLC for Baldur's Gate in the form of Siege of Dragonspear. Is this DLC for Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition, or something completely new from the studio? We'll see!

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  • Avatar for Cabbage-head-must-di #1 Cabbage-head-must-di 5 months ago
    That would be awesome if something actually comes from this. Torment had one of the most unique and beautiful worlds with an incredible story. Kinda hope its not another Balder's Gate style game though, getting a little sick of those.
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  • Avatar for Dorchadas #2 Dorchadas 5 months ago
    I really hope they can expand on the flaws of PS:T. It was an amazing game, but while Sigil was a fantastic location filled with interesting characters and fascinating locations, almost everywhere else was just a place filled with enemies to frustrate oneself against thanks to PS:T's awful combat. Making a Planescape game without showing the actual wonder of the planes is probably my least favorite thing about PS:T.

    These are all Sigil factions, so the focus is probably there again, but I can hope.
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