Crackdown 3 Tips - Agility Orbs, Bosses, Fast Travel

Crackdown 3 Tips - Agility Orbs, Bosses, Fast Travel

All the tips you need for Crackdown 3 are right here in our Crackdown 3 guide.

Crackdown hasn't been treated well since the original released back in 2007. A lackluster sequel more or less killed the franchise, but Crackdown 3 looks set to reignite interest. In this Crackdown 3 tips guide we'll tell you all you need to know about agility orbs, agent leveling, bosses, and more.

For more on Sumo Digital's game, check out our Crackdown 3 review. We found it to be an excellent return to form for the series.

Crackdown 3 Tips

Crackdown 3 isn't an overly complex game, but its systems in terms of combat and character progression are pretty interesting. In these Crackdown 3 tips we'll give you pointers on how to get the most out of your play through the campaign and go into detail on key areas.

  • Unlock as many Home locations as possible. These, marked with house icons on the map, let you restock ammo by walking over them or change loadout/fast travel by holding LB.
  • Walk/jump as much as possible. Driving is faster, but in a car you'll miss out on a lot of orbs. I also found a lot or Hidden Orbs by missing jumps and landing in random locations I never intended to be.
  • Look out for enemy vehicle convoys. These small processions are easy to take out with explosive weapons and reward you with lots of skill EXP.
  • If you're wanted level is high, get underground and out of sight. Although having a high wanted level is good for having plenty of enemies to kill (and therefore lots of EXP to earn), if you want to go back to relative peace, head into a tunnel or car park and wait it out.

How do Skills Work in Crackdown 3

In Crackdown 3 you choose an agent (a super-powered soldier) and then gradually level them up over the course of the game. An agent has skills split into five areas, as detailed below. We'll explain how you level up each skill next to each.

  • Firearms: level up by using normal weapons. Kills made with guns earn you Firearms EXP.
  • Strength: level up strength by picking up objects and throwing them at enemies.
  • Explosives: Use explosives on enemies to earn Explosives EXP.
  • Driving: Drive vehicles and complete races and stunt challenges to earn Driving EXP.
  • Agility: Collect agility orbs to level up your Agility.

Each skill has its own set of upgrades aside from generally becoming better at each. For example, leveling up the Driving skill will unlock new vehicles, such as the Spider, which can drive up walls. The Agility skill will eventually let you unlock a triple jump and double boost, alongside being able to leap higher due to the base stat increasing.

What Orbs are in Crackdown 3?

Crackdown 3 includes two types of orbs that can be collected in the game world: Agility Orbs and Hidden Orbs. Agility Orbs are easy to spot, usually on buildings, although they vary from being near the ground to on the top of the tallest buildings. Hidden Orbs are, as the name suggests, tucked away in places off the beaten path. You often find these behind rocks on the coastline or inside doorways found down side alleys. Agility Orbs emit a green line that can be seen from a reasonable distance, while Hidden Orbs have a blue glow that can be spotted if you're close enough. Both orb types emit a sound that indicates you are close.

  • Agility Orbs: There are 750 Agility Orbs to find in Crackdown 3. Each one gives you Agility EXP. Agility will increase your speed and jump height, which is essential for reaching the trickiest locations in the game.
  • Hidden Orbs: There are 250 Agility Orbs in Crackdown 3. Each Hidden Orb gives you EXP in all skill areas, making them well worth hunting down.

Crackdown 3 Boss Tips

Crackdown 3 is structured so you have to take down sub-bosses before taking on the big bad main boss. These boss fights can be pretty challenging, but we've got some tips to ensure you don't have too many problems.

  • Use the Homing Rocket Launcher - this weapon is a beast and can make short work of almost all bosses in the game.
  • Make Sure You're not too Weak - Level up your combat skills as much as possible if you're struggling with a boss.
  • Complete Optional Challenges - Each boss has a percentage chance of your success. If this is low you can increase it by taking on a boss' optional challenges. These are all listed on the info page for a boss, so take a look at get to work mopping them up.
  • Look for Safe Zones - If you're being pummelled by a boss, look out for areas the boss will struggle to reach you. If you are agile enough you can reach high locations and perhaps even be out of sight of a boss' main explosive weapons.
  • Stay on Top of Normal Enemies - More often than not, it wasn't the boss who caused me trouble. It was the mass of other enemies in the area. Make sure you take these out as quickly as possible so you aren't being spammed with rockets or poisonous gas.

Crackdown 3 Agents

There are 15 agents to unlock in Crackdown 3, and each one has its own set of EXP boosts. While none are hugely different to each other, if you want to have a 10% or 5% boost to a certain skill level, unlocking new agents is the way to go.

Crackdown 3 Secret Weapons

There are a handful of secret weapons to unlock in Crackdown 3, such as the Oblivion singularity weapon. We've got details on how to get your hands on them in specific guide pages.

How to Fast Travel in Crackdown 3

While moving around on foot in Crackdown 3 is the best idea, allowing you to find orbs as you move from objective to objective, you can also fast travel. This is done from within the house/home locations marked on the Crackdown 3 map. You can travel to any of these that you have found on the map and turned blue.

That's all we have for Crackdown 3 tips. We'll be looking to add more in the coming weeks, so check back if you're still struggling with certain parts of the game.

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