Crackdown 3 Oblivion Weapon - How to Get One of Crackdown 3's Best Guns

Crackdown 3 Oblivion Weapon - How to Get One of Crackdown 3's Best Guns

How to unlock the singularity gun in Crackdown 3 on Xbox One and PC.

If you're after the singularity shooting Oblivion gun in Crackdown 3, it's not easy to get hold of. While a lot of weapons in Crackdown 3 can be found during the course of the campaign, Oblivion needs takes a bit of finding. In this guide to unlocking Oblivion in Crackdown 3, one of the game's best weapons, we'll tell you where to find the Science Center, how to climb it, and what Oblivion is capable of.

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What is Crackdown 3's Oblivion Gun?

The Oblivion Singularity Initiator is a good gun. A shot fires out a singularity that attracts enemies and objects towards it before it explodes. Your agent's power determines just how big the objects are that can be attracted. The Oblivion gun is great against pretty much anything but the largest mechs and vehicles.

Oblivion Stats in Crackdown 3

Oblivion is one cool gun. | Tom Orry

Oblivion is a slow firing weapon, but one that can do damage to enemies in a wide area. As with all weapons in Crackdown 3, its abilities increase as your agent's do.

  • Area of Effect: 7/8
  • Damage: 7/8
  • Fire Rate: 1/8

Oblivion needs reloading after each shot, and you can carry a maximum of 5 charges. This makes it one of the game's slowest guns to use.

How to Get Oblivion in Crackdown 3

The trickiest part of getting Oblivion in Crackdown 3 finding the location. The steps are as follows, which we'll break down into more detail below:

  1. Find the Science Center in Central Shade.
  2. Head to the wall on the western side of the building.
  3. Climb up the building using the ledges that lead all the way up.
  4. Once as high as you can climb, head to the side and look for a platform that leads to a central roof area.
  5. Clear out the enemies - a rocket launcher is good for this.
  6. Head to the target area and remove the batteries on the roof of the force field area.
  7. Take Oblivion from the plinth.
Grab Oblivion from this rooftop location. | Tom Orry

Where is the Science Center in Crackdown 3?

Crackdown 3 Science Center Location. | Tom Orry

Oblivion is at the top of the Science Center in Crackdown 3, so thankfully it's pretty easy to find. You'll find the Science Center just to the west of the the center of the map, inside the Central Shade zone. Once you are close you'll trigger a mission and the Science Center will be marked on the map.

How do I Climb the Science Center in Crackdown 3?

This is the wall of the Science Center you'll want to climb. | Tom Orry

The Science Center is a very tall building and is somewhat tricky to climb unless you know where to do so. The best way to scale the Science Center is to find the wall we've highlight below. It's on the western side of the building and provides plenty of ledges to leap up.

That's all you need to know to get your hands on the awesome Oblivion gun in Crackdown 3. We hope you have a fun time using it. Elsewhere you can find all the secret agents in Crackdown 3. You can also check out our Crackdown 3 review.

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