Crash Team Racing is Ending Its Grand Prix Events, But That Won't be the Last of Its New Content

Crash Team Racing is Ending Its Grand Prix Events, But That Won't be the Last of Its New Content

There are still more racers on the way.

Despite being a remaster of an old game, the team at Beenox have been adding new updates to Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled since its launch. And even with the end of the Grand Prix now in sight, that rollout isn't slowing down.

New Grand Prix events, with new characters, karts, skins, tracks and more have built up a surprisingly strong content base for CTR over the last year. In a blog today, Beenox announced that the next Grand Prix would be the final one; however, that doesn't mean new things won't keep arriving for dedicated kart racers.

Once this next Grand Prix ends, a new challenge system will arrive for CTR Nitro-Fueled, with relevant challenges for every mode so players can earn coins for Pit Stop items. New time trials will also go live, including track times posted by the Beenox team's own racers.

Additionally, Beenox says that while the Grand Prix is ending, there will still be new characters, karts, skins, decals, and paint jobs coming to Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. According to Beenox's infographic, the team has already tallied up 40 karts, 51 characters, 40 tracks, and 321 skins; and somehow, there is even more work yet to be done.

It reminds me a bit of how Splatoon will end its Splatfests, but still have content dumps for the game after. While the festivities are done, there is still a lot to do in Nitro-Fueled, even with microtransactions now involved. Still, if you were nostalgic for kart racing, it seems like this new version of CTR has gone above and beyond a simple do-over.

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