Crash Team Racing Nitro Fuelled: Mystery Caves CTR Locations

Crash Team Racing Nitro Fuelled: Mystery Caves CTR Locations

If you want to 100 percent Crash Team Racing Nitro Fuelled you’ll need to find all of the CTR collectables for each stage. Here’s where to find them in Mystery Caves.

Crash Team Racing Nitro Fuelled takes the PlayStation 1 original and gives it a fresh lick of paint for modern audiences. It even includes characters and stages from the game’s sequel, making it the ultimate package for CTR fans old and new. In order to 100 percent the game and earn the Token Collector Trophy/Achievement, you’ll need to complete all 20 CTR token challenges. This can be tricky, especially on the labyrinthian Mystery Caves stage. To help you find all of the CTR Tokens in Mystery Caves, we’ve put together this Crash Team Racing Mystery Caves CTR Walkthrough. We’ll show you exactly where to pick up all of the CTR Tokens, so that you can get a perfect completion score.

Crash Team Racing Mystery Caves CTR Locations

You’ll likely have no problems finding the majority of the CTR Tokens in Crash Team Racing Nitro Fuelled. One area where you might struggle a bit is on the Mystery Caves stage. It can be quite the maze to navigate, making collecting all three CTR Tokens quite a chore. To help you out, we’ve included screenshots below, alongside a description of exactly where to get each letter.

Over the turtle's head | Source: PowerPyx

The first letter you’ll need to collect is the R Token. It is pretty simple to get, as you’ll just need to keep to the right of the track from the starting position. You’ll eventually come across two turtle ramps, and you’ll want to hit the one on the right to reach the CTR Token.

Next up is the C Token, and it’s the one that you’re most likely to miss. Once you enter the main portion of the stage (you’ll know because everything is on fire) you’ll want to look out for the boost ramps. The second set of these ramps allows you to reach the C CTR Token, hidden way to the right, and almost completely obscured by lava. To get it, just keep to the right as you go over the jumps.

Keep to the right, right over the lava | Source: Power Pyx

Finally, we have the T Token. Once you’ve made it past the lava section, after collecting the C Token, look out for a group of item boxes. The T CTR Token is hidden behind the leftmost box. Just slow down and make sure you keep left, this one is easy to get.

Find the T! | Source: PowerPyx

Easiest Way to Get CTR Tokens on Mystery Caves

Generally, we’d recommend not worrying about the CTR Tokens on your first playthrough. You will need to get all of them in Adventure Mode in order to get the Token Collector Trophy, though you can always replay stages. On your second playthrough, don’t worry about winning the race, and feel free to use your brakes to slow to a crawl if you need to make sure you hit each of the CTR Tokens.

That’s all of the info you’ll need on the Mystery Caves CTR Tokens in Crash Team Racing Nitro Fuelled. If you have any other pressing questions related to the game then feel free to drop a comment below.

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