Creepy New Pokemon Tease for Sword and Shield Feels Reminiscent of MissingNo.

Creepy New Pokemon Tease for Sword and Shield Feels Reminiscent of MissingNo.

Who's *that* Pokemon?

Right now, if you visit the official website for Pokemon Sword and Shield, you'll notice something a little out of place: a glitchy-looking illustration of... well, who knows? People are speculating that this could be teasing an evolved form of a classic Pokemon like Farfetch'd, but key information on the mystery Pokemon's page is redacted.

By clicking on the faux-glitchy image on the Sword and Shield website, you'll hear a loud cry and be taken to the page for this unidentified Pokemon. Most of the identifying information is hidden under the glitch effect, meaning we've got no name, category, or height for this Pokemon. We do know it's a Fighting type monster weighing in at 257.9 pounds, that its Pokemon ability is Steadfast, and we can read a partial version of what could be its Pokedex entry: Only [...] that have survived many battles can attain this [...]. When this Pokemon's [...] [...]ers, it will retire from combat.

While this could be a tease for a brand new Pokemon, it seems likely that this will turn out to be another odd-looking Galarian form of a familiar Pokemon or a new evolved form. If you try to match up the pixelated image, information, and stats we have to Pokemon we already know, there are a few potential matches (you know, aside from MissingNo., which is a real Pokemon in our hearts).

Some think the Pokemon could be an evolved form of Farfetch'd, the leek-wielding duck from Generation 1. If you assume the glitched illustration is rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise, that pointy green bit could be an advanced sword form of its trusty weapon. I'm quite partial to this interpretation of what a grizzled Farfetch'd evolution could look like, but the other details we have don't line up. Farfetch'd is a Normal and Flying type Pokemon and only weighs about 33 pounds—would a beefed-up form of this bird be about eight times heavier and a Fighting type?

The Steadfast ability is most commonly assigned to Fighting type Pokemon, so perhaps this Pokemon's closest relative is one that already has the ability? Also, the cry that plays as you load up the page sounds like it matches Rotom's, but that's a Pokemon that always has two types in its various forms. Whatever this mysterious addition to the Galar Pokedex ends up being, you'll be able to find it in our guides section's full list of available Pokemon in Sword and Shield.

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