CrossCode Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2019

CrossCode Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2019

The indie action RPG finds a new home on Nintendo's platform.

Today during Nintendo UK's Indie Highlights video, the platform holder announced that CrossCode will be coming to Nintendo Switch in 2019. You can already pick up the game on Steam, but developer Radical Fish Games are bringing the title to a new platform to feed the hungry Switch masses. According to the highlight video, it'll feature "a whole host of exclusive content."

CrossCode trailer at 11:10 | Nintendo UK

"What is CrossCode," you might ask? It's an indie action-RPG with a 16-bit Super Nintendo aesthetic. Think Secret of Mana as a foundation, but let's build up from there. Combat is far, far faster in CrossCode—almost bullet hell at times—with our main character dodging around the screen and punishing enemies with her energy chakram and other weapons. You'll use those various weapons to solve dungeon puzzles as well.

There's also a nice little story wrapping up the entire experience. Lea is a character in an MMORPG called CrossWorlds, which actually transports players to another physical planet. (Like the novel Heroes Die. Read Heroes Die.) Shenanigans occur and worlds collide. It's up to Lea to figure out what happened. While that sounds serious, most of the story is delivered in a very tongue-and-cheek manner, poking fun at common video game tropes.

CrossCode is one of those games that's already released and just waiting for the right platform to break out. This occured last year, when Hollow Knight came to Switch, and I expect the same to happen with CrossCode in 2019. Look forward to it.

Mike Williams

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