Crypto's Drone has Another Exploit in Apex Legends

Crypto's Drone has Another Exploit in Apex Legends

"Coming at you, brothers!"

Surprise! Apex Legends players have found another trick to Crypto's drone, this time involving everyone's favorite gentle giant: Gibraltar.

In the clip below, you can see a Gibraltar player attach their bubble shield to Crypto's drone. The Crypto player then flies their drone along with Gibraltar as they ascend towards as enemy squad up a zipline.

Imagine seeing Gibby flying up a zipline towards you with his bubble shield in tow. This is less of a glitch or bug, as the Apex Legends subreddit is currently debating, and more of a clever trick.

Just like the clip below with Crypto and Pathfinder. Late last year when Crypto was added to Apex Legends, Pathfinder players discovered that they could attach their grappling hooks to Cypro's drone, and go flying around the map close behind the drone. Our sister site Eurogamer captured the exploit in action below.

Crypto was the new character added to Apex Legends at the beginning of Season 3: Meltdown. It's because of Crypto's devious hacking abilities that the King's Canyon map from the first two seasons was obliterated, and all the Legends journeyed to the World's End map for the Apex Games.

Apex Legends is currently in the middle of its huge Grand Soiree event. The event has tons of new cosmetic items for players to both purchase with Apex Coins, and earn from playing some of the new events in rotation. There's a new mode available every two days, and the current one is 'Live, Die, Live,' a mode where your dead teammates respawn every time the rink shrinks.

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