Crytek's Gorgeous FPS Hunt Showdown is Coming to Xbox Game Preview

Crytek's Gorgeous FPS Hunt Showdown is Coming to Xbox Game Preview

Visually impressive PvE and PvP first-person shooter is coming soon to Xbox One.

Microsoft and Crytek have announced that the monster-hunting cooperative shooter Hunt Showdown is coming to Xbox One. The announcement was made during the special Gamescom 2018 episode of Inside Xbox.

Hunt Showdown is currently in early access on Steam and is coming to Game Preview on Xbox One. Billed as a competitive first-person monster hunting game, you hunt monsters in a huge map. Each round is split into three phases, with teams competing to track down the monster first and eventually take it down.

Players earn money by banishing monsters to Hell, with battle switching to player vs player once a monster has been killed. As a Game Preview title, Hunt Showdown is still in active development, with Crytek working on the game as players test it out. Feedback from players will help Crytek balance the game and work on new features requested by the community.

A release date for Hunt Showdown on Xbox Game Preview wasn't given, but expect it soon. Mike took at a look at the PC version of Hunt Showdown back in February and was pretty impressed.

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