Cult Indie Game Risk of Rain is Getting a 3D Sequel

Risk of Rain 2 will be a fully 3D follow-up to the popular indie game.

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The cult indie hit Risk of Rain is getting a fully 3D sequel, which is a drastic departure from its predecessor’s 2D visuals. Risk of Rain 2 was announced today in the first of a series of Dev Blogs where, among other details, revealed that the core roguelike gameplay of the first Risk of Rain “plays even better in 3D.”

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Risk of Rain 2

Developers Hopoo Games announced that the company has been working on Risk of Rain 2 for about six months now. While the game is still considered very early in development, Hopoo managed to release some screenshots of the new 3D visuals which keep the first game’s minimalist visuals, but replaces sprites for polygons. This will be Hopoo’s first fully 3D game following 2D titles like first Risk of Rain and DEADBOLT.

Hopoo Games explains that while not everything seen in the screenshots will necessarily be present in the final build of the game, the company is excited to be tackling the challenge of 3D game design. It remains to be seen how exactly the game will transition from 2D to 3D, but it appears currently that at the very least the game’s visuals and bullet heavy combat from the first game remains intact.

The first Risk of Rain was a surprise hit, forcing players to navigate a randomly generated alien planet full of enemies while the player was armed with upgradable weapons. The roguelike ended up winning the Student Prize Award in the 2014 Indie Game Festival. Risk of Rain eventually released on both PC and Mac, as well as on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

Risk of Rain was also sold in numerous packages including the Humble Bundle where Risk of Rain quickly found a massive following. Along with the game’s Metroid-like atmosphere, the game’s difficulty, explosive combat, and massive boss fights made the roguelike a popular game among streamers, let’s players, and the competitive set of gamers who would compare tips and tricks.

Risk of Rain 2 currently doesn’t have a release date, but Hopoo plans on chronicling the game’s development via a series of Dev Blogs which you can find on the company’s official blog.

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