Cuphead Jumps From Xbox One to Switch in April

Cuphead Jumps From Xbox One to Switch in April

Sympathy for the Devil.

Oh my. Nintendo made a deal with the Devil. Cuphead, StudioMDHR's hit action-shooting game, is coming to the Nintendo Switch on April 18. The announcement kicked off Nintendo's Nindies 2019 Spring Showcase (with the aid of a somewhat creepy milk-drinking PSA).

This is big news for a couple of reasons. First, Cuphead was a big hit when it launched for the Xbox One and PC in 2017, with over two million copies sold. Second, Cuphead was previously exclusive for Xbox One and PC. Microsoft was even name-dropped during the game's reveal trailer. Just goes to show how Microsoft is eager to play nice with more and more developers and platforms.

Cuphead made a splash thanks to its devilish challenge and its eye-catching graphics, which look like they're straight from a 1930's Max Fleischer cartoon. It should be interesting to see how it fares in handheld mode. Look forward to Cuphead on the Switch next month.

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