Cyberpunk 2077's Shooting Designed by Ex-Counter-Strike Pro, More Info and Reveals from Gamescom

Plus new screenshots.

Gamescom is nearly over and we have some more Cyberpunk 2077 info from the event. While there wasn't a lot of new info directly from CD Projekt, the studio was doing the press rounds and interviews which we've gone through for some interesting info. Everything from Cyberpunk's quest structure, social and political themes, to even how the shooting is designed by a former Counter-Strike pro.

In an interview with Eurogamer CD Projekt Red senior quest designer Philipp Weber explained that quests in Cyberpunk 2077 will have multiple options, including options to avoid fights. Weber does say however that, "As a quest designer though, when you fight you get so much content, you get that boss fight, if you decide to walk away... what's the interesting thing I can give you?"

Weber also teased a bit of the scope of the game's world which takes place in a large city called Night City. When asked how CD Projekt Red can make the world big and varied in a single city, Weber says, "It is a cyberpunk city, so the different districts are very different to each other. There are the multicultural parts, which feel like a completely different part of the corporate district with the grey sky-high buildings, or District Pacifica which is in ruins and run by gangs in the skeletons of the buildings."

cyberpunk 2077 Gamescom screenshot

Weber also reveals that you can reach the city limits, which are protected by these walls, and go beyond them. "You can still go a little... well, not a little, you can go some way further. Of course there are natural limits to it at some point but it's not just the city."

Speaking with Eurogamer, Weber also details how the game tackles social issues, once again confirming that cyberpunk is a political genre, and referencing the diverse romance options in the game, though it's unclear still how Cyberpunk 2077 will tackle transhumanism, which is a major theme of the original RPG tabletop game.

Something I'm personally excited for is how players can dump their stats into netrunning, a hacking mechanic in Cyberpunk 2020 and play as a pure netrunner. Fans of Cyberpunk will know that the netrunning mechanic has been adapted into an amazing series of living card games by Fantasy Flight Games, though they sadly lost the netrunning mechanic earlier this year.

More details for Cyberpunk 2077 were also given during a video interview with a separate, German outlet which Gamescom livestreamed on August 23. In a reddit thread of highlights translated by fans, we learned that a former Counter Strike player is working on the gun combat to get the right "feel" of it.

Commenters suggest that the designer is probably Luq, a Counter Strike pro confirmed to be working at CD Projekt Red by an ex-CD Projekt Red designer Damien Monnier.

cyberpunk 2077

The CD Projekt Red developers also talked about how side quests will affect the main storyline, the importance of fashion in the game, and players being able to interact with items in an organic way (ie picking something lying on the ground) as a way to create deeper immersion.

There's still no release date for Cyberpunk 2077, although we know that it's being targeted for the current generation of consoles. Check out our Cyberpunk 2077 guide for more info, news, and trailers.

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