Danganronpa 3 Will Bring Ultimate Despair to PS4 and Vita

Spike-Chunsoft's murder mystery "psychopop" thriller makes its inevitable move to the world of consoles with its latest installment.

Analysis by Bob Mackey, .

NIS America's release of both Danganronpas made for one of the biggest surprises of 2014—at least for the few people actually paying attention to the Vita. While these games were never destined to be huge in the States, over the passing year, Spike-Chunsoft's mix of Phoenix Wright, Battle Royale, and Persona has certainly found an audience.

And the good news is there's more Danganronpa on the way. While creator Kazutaka Kodaka confirmed Danganronpa 3's existence at GDC, this year's Tokyo Game Show recently saw visual proof that this sequel will, in fact, someday exist. While it's more of a teaser than anything—using placeholder art and featuring variants on the series' ursine villain, Monokuma—this newest sequel, subtitled "Everyone's New Mutual Killing Academy," this brief bit of footage reveals the series will finally make it to the world of consoles, with a PS4 version planned to launch (presumably) alongside the Vita release.

Though more Danganronpa is always a good thing, the existence of a new sequel raises a few concerns. Since parts 1 and 2—along with the spin-off, Ultra Despair Girls—form a pretty complete story, it's hard to imagine just where the series can go from here. Plus, there's the fact that Monokuma's Japanese voice actor, the immensely talented Nobuyo Oyama, is currently suffering from dementia and doesn't seem likely to return to the world of voice acting anytime soon. But even with these minor roadblocks, creator Kazutaka Kodaka has proven himself to be one of the most promising new talents within the Japanese game industry—and my recent interview with him had me walking away with an even greater appreciation for the guy.

Above all, it's nice to see Danganronpa 3 extend its reach to a much more viable platform. While I'd love to see more games like it reach Steam, whose selection of Japanese visual novels and adventure games is intended for a... particular audience, a Vita-only release could have made an English localization completely non-viable. NIS America hasn't announced any plans to bring over Danganronpa 3, but seeing as the series remains one of their most respectable and critically acclaimed brands, it'd be odd to see them take a pass on this one.

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  • Avatar for Roto13 #1 Roto13 2 years ago
    With all the dumb crap NISA does bring over, I'd be surprised if they suddenly abandoned DanganRonpa. I hope we get both versions. I'd still much rather play visual novels on a handheld.
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  • Avatar for bobservo #2 bobservo 2 years ago
    @Roto13 Me too, but who knows what state the Vita will be in by the time DR3 launches. Then again, I guess it can't get any DEADER...
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  • Avatar for Damman #3 Damman 2 years ago
    Wishful thinking: maybe they will include the first two games in the PS4 package. These games are the only potential tipping point that's nudging me towards a Vita purchase.
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  • Avatar for bobservo #4 bobservo 2 years ago
  • Avatar for VotesForCows #5 VotesForCows 2 years ago
    @Damman Get a Playstation TV, really cheap and plays Danganropa. I'm delighted with it so far!
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  • Avatar for Banandango #6 Banandango 2 years ago
    Aw, that's so sad about Nobuyo Oyama. Monokuma has one of my favorite voices in the games, I didn't realize it was such a well-known and iconic actor doing it.
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  • Avatar for Damman #7 Damman 2 years ago
    @votesforcows That's the thought that keeps creeping back into my mind. The problem is less about that cost than it is the cost of opening the floodgates to other vita purchases I won't ever actually play.
    @bobservo "I'll get over you (playstation vita), I know I will!"
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