Dark Souls 2 Guide: Brightstone Cove Tseldora Part 2: The Duke's Dear Freja

Dark Souls 2 Guide: Brightstone Cove Tseldora Part 2: The Duke's Dear Freja

Continue your battle through Brightstone Cove Tseldora with our guide, which will help you overcome The Duke's Dear Freja. But first, spiders! Lots of spiders!

Break the pottery in the next room from where you beat Magus and the Congregation to find two Wilted Dusk Herbs. Continue up the stairs and equip a ranged weapon if you have one available. Use it to take down the spider just ahead, on the path below. Stand under the wooden archway and slide down the rope. Take down the spider if you didn't already, then head to the left and into the room at the end of the path.

If you open the door to the closet-like room, a spider attacks from the right, so be ready for it. Move around to the other side of the room and break the pottery to find three Charcoal Pine Resin. Clear away the objects blocking the opening on the other side of the room, then head into the room just beyond.

Open the door to the left to find a Torch, then continue through the next door. Kill the enemy, then pick up the Titanite Chunk to the left. Head back in the other direction and use a ranged weapon to take out the next enemy, or drop down and take it out with close-range melee attacks. It's best if you have a ranged weapon here so you can take the enemy down, then head back in the direction you came. You will come across this room later.

Head back to the room with the ropes and down to the end of the path. Slide down the next rope here and take out the mage and spider, then quickly make your way to the right and down the hallway. In the room ahead two more mages await. Take them both down, then used a ranged weapon to hit the spider on the ceiling. Pick up the four Lightning Urns in the corner, then head through the doorway and down the ladder.

Kill the spider that fell from the ceiling, then the second spider that appears to the left when you enter the room. Light the bonfire ahead, then continue through the door. Two mages and several spiders await in the next room. Lure the spiders back into the room with the bonfire so you don't have to engage them while dodging spells from the mages.

Once the spiders are down, take out the mage on the ground level, then pick up the Petrified Dragon Bone to the far right. Head in the other direction and enter the door to the right of the door that leads to the bonfire room. Break the pottery to the left to find a Pharros' Lockstone, then destroy the shelves near the entrance to find a Flame Butterfly.

Head back outside, take down the enemy to the left (if it didn't enter the room beforehand), then shoot a ranged weapon at the red bug ahead to get its attention. When it approaches, kill it quickly or else it will explode, killing you.

Before you engage the mage ahead, look for a door on the left. Open it, kill the mage and spider inside, then clear the barrels next to the shelves by rolling into them to reveal a small room with a spider and a coffer. Kill the spider, then open the coffer to obtain a Crescent Axe and Soul Vortex.

Head back into the main room and through the opening to the left. Pick up the item on the left to obtain a Titanite Chunk, then head through the door. Kill the two spider zombies in the next area. There's a room straight ahead, but before you enter, move to the left to spawn another creature and a spider zombie. Take them both out, then defeat the two spiders that spawn. Once all of these enemies are down then head through the doorway.

Continue up the stairs and open the door at the top. A Large Titanite Shard sits out on the ledge. Pick it up, then head back down to the area below and continue toward the archway. Another enemy appears in the corner. Watch out for the deadly mist, then take it down.

As you proceed through the archway, an invader attacks from the left. Take them out and continue down the wooden path and through the doors at the end. Two zombie spiders drop down behind you as soon as you open the door. Take them down, then proceed through the door.

There are six spiders hanging from the ceiling in this room, so don't go too far into the room otherwise you'll engage all of them at once. From the doorway, use a ranged attack to hit the spider on the far right so you can fight it alone. Once that spider is down, move slightly farther into the room and the remaining spiders drop down to the floor.

Kill all of the spiders, then break the furniture on the right (near the middle of the room) to find the Soul of a Hero and four Gold Pine Resin. The door here requires the Brightstone Key, which is acquired after the boss battle for this area. However, once you have the key, open the door to enter the room beyond, then open the next door to spawn seven spiders in the current room. Take down the spiders and head through the door to find a coffer that contains a Black Knight Ultra Greatsword, Great Fireball, and Fire Seed.

Head back to the main room and use the lever to open the door on the right, at the end of the room. Pick up the three Homeward Bones inside, then open the other door on the left to find another spider zombie. Kill it, then head up the ladder.

Drop down to the area below, then head to the far side to cross the web-bridge. Be careful of the spider that attacks as you make your way across the bridge. There's an item on the ground ahead, but before you rush over to it, watch out for the spider waiting just above on the ceiling. Take it, then pick up the item to obtain a Torch.

Head down to the far side and break the pots to find a Pharros' Lockstone, then continue across the next web-bridge to the left. About halfway across, drop down to the webbing on the right, then continue in the opposite direction to reach the platform ahead. There's another item on the platform to the right, but be careful when you drop down to get to the webbing that leads to it. There's a spider lurking below the webbing that will attack as soon as you land.

Kill the spider, then head up to the platform to find a Twilight Herb. Head back down the webbing, but as soon as you reach the bottom, retreat back to the platform you were just on. Five spiders ambush you from all sides of the room, but if you retreat back to the platform, they won't be able to get behind you.

Finish off the spiders, then collect the Simpleton's Spice in the middle of the room, the five Corrosive Urns in the corner below the platform you were just on, and the Radiant Lifegem on the platform on the far side. Even if you think you have all of the spiders killed, there may be one or two that didn't attack when you reached the bottom, so be on your guard.

With all of the items collected, head into the mist door to engage the boss, the Duke's Dear Freja.

Boss Battle: The Duke's Dear Freja

At the beginning of the battle, several spiders attack. Unlike most other boss battles that feature ancillary enemies, do not attempt to take out all of the spiders before engaging the boss. Freja doesn't give you much time to focus on the other spiders before she engages you with attacks that can drain a significant amount of your health bar, if not kill you in one shot. Take out one or two spiders (more if you're fast enough), then focus on Freja to ensure you're not about to get hit with an attack.

Freja attacks from the heads on either side of her body. Only one head is active at a time, so the best strategy is to move close to one head, then as soon as it flinches, make a beeline to the other side to attack the dormant head. By repeating this process, you'll avoid almost all of Freja's attacks. The only attacks you need to concern yourself with while using this strategy are the beam of light and jumping attacks.

The beam of light covers nearly 180 degrees in front of the head that initiates the attack, so you have to move quickly to the other side to make sure you avoid the attack. It cannot be blocked, and it's difficult to evade, so your best bet is to be behind Freja when it executes. The jumping attack doesn't happen as often, but it's also difficult to avoid. Your best bet is to run under Freja and dodge when she's about to land.

If you see any spiders as you move back and forth between the heads, take them down quickly and continue on to the target head. When Freja is down for good, finish off any remaining spiders and head through the opening at the far end of the area. When you reach the room ahead, sneak up behind the Duke and take him out with a single critical hit from the back. He'll drop a Brightstone Key, Fragrant Branch of Yore, and a Dark Quartz Ring +1. Continue through the next doorway and into the large room ahead. The enemy that attacks is very slow, making it easy for you to get around behind it for critical attacks. Defeat the enemy, then light the primal bonfire and head back to Majula.

If you need more information and help, the rest of our Dark Souls 2 walkthrough and complete guide can be found here.

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