Dark Souls 2 Guide: Earthen Peak - Defeat the Covetous Demon and Head for the Iron Keep

There's just one more Great Soul to obtain and one more primal bonfire to light, and then you'll be ready for the grand finale. Praise the Sun!

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Quickly make your way up the stairs to avoid the poisonous enemy in the alcove to the left. Defeat the poisonous enemy at the top, then return to attack the one in the alcove in the middle of the stairs. Head back up to the top, take down the three enemies above, then drop down into the alcove, and collect the Skeptic's Spice at the end.

Head back up the stairs and jump down to the platform below. Kill the poisonous enemy, then head through the doorway on the left, but watch out for the square panel in the ground. If you step on it, arrows shoot out from behind you. Two enemies await in the next area so be careful as you enter.

Near the end of the hallway, there's another enemy in the alcove to the left and the Soul of a Nameless Soldier and three Titanite Shards on the right. Open the coffer at the end to find a Heavy Crossbow +3 and 15 Heavy Bolts.

Head back out to the ledge and jump across to the stairs on the left. Enter the room and climb the ladder on the right, then make your way back around and up to the stairs to the platform you originally jumped from. Go up the stairs on the right before you reach the mist door, then continue into the room on the left and dispatch the four enemies inside. The coffer in the roof is rigged with poison and only holds a Torch, so you may wish to ignore it if you're already well-stocked. Make your way through the mist door to fight the Covetous Demon.

Boss Battle: Covetous Demon

This boss battle is one of the easiest in the game so long as you stay to either side of your opponent, standing just past its arm. Standing in this position means that you'll automatically move when the Demon moves toward you. It won't be able to face you because its arm will always be in the way, pushing you back as it continues to move.

Eventually the Demon shifts its weight to the opposite side. When you see this, put up your shield or back away as quickly as possible to avoid the coming attack. The shift in weight signifies that the Demon is about to roll in your direction. If the roll is blocked it consumes all of your stamina. If it's not blocked, you take heavy damage.

Continue attacking the enemy, but always leave yourself some stamina so you can block the roll attack if it comes. Follow this strategy and the boss goes down with very little fight.

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