Dark Souls 2 Guide: Explore the Shrine of Amana and Defeat the Demon of Song

Dark Souls 2 Guide: Explore the Shrine of Amana and Defeat the Demon of Song

One final destination -- and fearsome opponent -- stands between you and the Undead Crypt, where you can finally obtain the King's Ring. We walk you through it.

Head down the stairs and through the door at the end. Continue down the path and break the boxes at the end to find another poisonous enemy. Kill it, then open the chest to find two Wilted Dusk Herbs and a Skeptic's Spice. Go back in the opposite direction and through the doorway, then down the stairs beyond.

Take down the lizard enemy at the bottom, then pick up the Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier in the corner. Continue into the next large room, take down the knight inside, then open the chest on the left (it's difficult to see in the water) to find an Elizabeth Mushroom. Watch out for the lizard enemies that hide in the water as you make your way to the far right side of the room where a Flame Butterfly and Twinkling Titanite await in the water.

Move to the end of the room, but before you open the door, move around to the far side of the structure to find a chest. Open the chest to discover three Crimson Waters. Open the door and speak to the Milfanito inside to obtain a Smooth & Silky Stone, then go out the other door and continue down the path.

Once again be mindful of the lizardmen hiding in the water. Take them down before you proceed to avoid being ambushed. As you near the end of the path, another knight attacks. Kill it, clear away the lizardmen, then pick up the two Souls of a Lost Undead, Skeptic's Spice, three Torches, and the Large Soul of a Proud Knight around the middle platform.

Press onward and dispatch the other two knights, then head to the far left corner to find a chest that holds a Dragon Charm. Continue into the tunnel at the end, then veer off to the left and take out the lizardmen in the next room to the left. Open the coffer inside to find a Twinkling Twilight and three Smooth & Silky Stones. Keep moving through the tunnel and kill the poison enemy ahead, then enter the mist door.

Take down the lizardman and sorcerer ahead, then enter the structure in the middle of the room to find a bonfire. Light it, then continue toward the end of the room to find another sorcerer and more lizardmen. Continue through the area to face off against three more sorcerers and several more lizard men, as well as a larger enemy hiding in the waters off to the right.

Veer off to the right path and near the end there's a Crimson Water to the right of the main path, and an Estus Flask Shard to the left of the main path. Just beyond the shard is a chest that holds a Sunlight Blade. Collect the items, then return to the main path and head through the door in the structure ahead. Pick up the Large Soul of a Proud Knight and an Old Radiant Lifegem, then head through the next door.

Kill the knight and sorcerer to the far left, as well as the sorcerers and lizardmen guarding the mist door ahead. Head up the ramp on the far left to find three Alluring Skulls at the top. Hug the wall and creep around to the right side of the mist door structure to find the Soul of a Hero and a Divine Blessing. Continue into the mist door and through the next tunnel.

There are four poisonous enemies ahead. Be careful of their stinking clouds while taking them down. Light the bonfire ahead to the left, then finish off the remaining poison creatures ahead. At the end of the passage another sorcerer awaits in the open area. Kill it, then proceed into the area to find one more in the middle, toward the end, plus a lizardman and another sorcerer off to the left. Head through the structure at the end to find a mist door that leads into a boss battle against the Demon of Song.

Boss Battle: Demon of Song

The Demon of Song is essentially a frog with a demon in its mouth. When its mouth is closed, which is about half of the fight, the Demon cannot be damaged. The Demon's main attacks consist of two-hit combos using its arms, and a jumping attack that looks more like a falling attack.

Unlike most other boss battles, stay back far enough to avoid the Demon's arm-based attacks. After its various two-hit combos, move in and attack it as much as possible until the mouth closes. Stay close until the Demon appears again, then move back out of range. You need to remain close while its mouth is closed to ensure you have time to run under it if the falling attack begins.

As soon as the Demon stands up on its hind legs, run under it to avoid the falling attack. At the completion of the attack, head back around to its head and continue with the original strategy. It shouldn't take much to bring the Demon of Song down so long as you're patient.

After killing the Demon, head into the cave and down the next path. Continue through the structure ahead, then proceed to the far left corner, near the stairs to find a chest that holds 20 Magic Arrows. Head up the stairs and into the next room to find a bonfire. Light the bonfire, then head back outside and through the door on the far right. Take the lift inside down to the lower floor, then head down the hallway into the Undead Crypt.

If you need more information and help, the rest of our Dark Souls 2 walkthrough and complete guide can be found here.

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