Dark Souls 2 Guide: Huntsman's Copse, and the Journey to the Undead Purgatory

Dark Souls 2 Guide: Huntsman's Copse, and the Journey to the Undead Purgatory

The Huntsman's Copse awaits! It's dangerous territory that's packed with some fearsome foes. But it's also where you can find some excellent items.

Huntsman's Copse

Head back to Majula and into the church-like structure that leads to Heide's Tower of Flame. If you've already spoken to Licia in the Tower, she will be waiting just inside the building. Speak to her and ask her to move the path; she'll charge you 2,000 souls for her services. Continue down the nearly revealed path to find a Rouge Water just ahead.

Follow the narrow path until you see a man sitting in a chair off to the right. Speak with him, though you won't get much out of him just yet. Continue forward into Huntsman's Copse. Light the bonfire, then continue up the hill. Take out the enemy that attacks and head into the cave. Be careful of the green poison that dribbles down as you cross through the canyon-like area. Kill the baddies in the next tunnel and continue down the path and up the stairs to the right.

Head through the doorway, take out the nearby enemy and move along the path to the left. Be careful of the ranged attackers across the way. Look down to see where the enemies below are located, then drop down near the left side of the area and take out the remaining attackers. Pick up the Bandit's Knife in the corner, then take down the two enemies up the stairs.

Head to the staircase on the far side and go down to the lower floor to find a Lifegem and a Soul of a Nameless Soldier near the big hole. Climb back up and take the ladder on the far right. Take down the two Bandits that attack, then drop down to the lower area ahead and to the left to find Poison Moss and another Lifegem.

Drop down to the area below -- you'll take some fall damage -- then head up the hill to get back into the structure you just left. Head to the left again, but this time go through the door at the end of the path and take down the enemy just beyond, then make your way to the left. Ignore the doorway to the right for a moment and continue towards the end of the path. Take out the enemy that attacks as you hit the corner, then pick up the Cracked Red Eye Orb near the end.

Go back to the doorway you ignored previously and climb down the ladder at the end. Head around the corner to the left, opposite the tree, to find a bonfire inside an alcove in the wall. Head back outside and knock down the tree to the left. This connects the current area to the beginning of the area.

Turn around and head back around the corner. Follow the path, taking out the two enemies that attack, and make your way to the left of the bridge. Watch out for the Bandit that attacks as you approach the item on the ground. Pick up the item to obtain a Small Orange Burr and a Large Soul of a Lost Undead.

Head across the bridge, take out the larger enemy that attacks and drop down into the area on the left. Be careful of the red object at the top of the trees that drips poison down upon you. Pick up the item under the first tree to obtain a Lifegem. Sneak up on the enemy ahead, finish him off and pick up the Aromatic Ooze he's standing in front of.

Move around to the right to find a dome-like structure. Enter the dome along the right side to find a Morning Star and Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier inside. Head back outside and continue up the hill to the left. Three more Bandits will jump you, with a fourth ranged attacker waiting off to the right. Continue to the right, staying close to the edge. When you see a dome below, drop down into it to find two Poison Moss and a Green Blossom on one end, and a Soul Speak on the other. Head through the opening and drop down when you reach the end.

You're now to the side of the dome. Head to the right and back up the hill. This time go straight to find another dome near the wall ahead. Kill the Bandit waiting for you within, then pull the lever to lower the bridge outside. Head out and move across the newly lowered bridge dead ahead.

Once you cross the bridge, head to the left and over the small bridge. Kill the Bandit then head around the corner to the right. Yet another Bandit attacks, as well as a ranged attacker from across the way. Kill the Bandit, then head down the path. Take out two more Bandits as you continue to pick your way along the path to the right.

Ignore the opening to the left and wooden bridge to the right for now, and continue down the path to finish off the remaining Bandits. Head into the dome on the left to find more Bandits, as well as an Undead Lockaway Key. Move out of the dome and continue to the left to find another Bandit and an invader, Roenna Merciless.

Take out both enemies then turn around and head across the wooden bridge you passed previously. Finish off the two Skeletons that attack and head to the right as soon as you see the opening. Be careful because the Skeletons have a tendency to not stay dead for very long. Inside the area to the left are a Magic Mace and Titanite Shard next to another Skeleton. Be careful of the vase next to the item as it will poison you with darkness. Continue down the corridor to find yourself back outside by the small bridge.

Use the key you just obtained to open the dome-like structure to the left. Light the bonfire, then speak with Creighton inside the dome to learn the Fist Pump gesture. Head back across the larger bridge, down the hill and to the left. Walk past the dome you entered previously and the poison tree to see another small bridge to the left.

Cross the bridge and take out the three enemies that attack. Be careful of the larger enemy as its weapon can cause bleeding even if you block its attacks. Head up the hill to the left, ignore the path on the left near the top of the hill for now, and take down the enemy ahead. Pick up the Notched Whip near the end of the path, then head down the path you previously ignored.

Be very careful as you move forward. Four burly Bandits will jump you in the upcoming area if you simply rush ahead. When you see the first enemy, inch forward until it engages you. Move back to avoid getting the attention of the other enemies, then take the first enemy down. Continue to inch forward until the second enemy jumps down and repeat this process until all four Bandits have been defeated.

There's a wooden bridge ahead that leads toward the Undead Purgatory and the Executioner's Chariot boss battle. However, just below the bridge you can find several items. There's no way to get back up to the bridge after you drop down to the lower area, so make sure you have a way to get back to a bonfire -- a Homeward Bone or similar item -- or else you'll have to die to get back up.

Move across the bridge until you reach the first hole. Drop down the hole to the platform below, but make sure you drop accurately so you don't plummet to your doom. Jump across to the adjacent platform to find a Pharros' Lockstone and a Token of Fidelity.

Drop down to the area between the two dirt platforms, then jump across the gorge to the cave just beyond. This is the bottom section of the cave you originally entered through. At the end of the path is a Monastery Charm and a Soul of a Proud Knight. Drop down to the very bottom, defeat the enemy and open the coffer to find Richard's Rapier. Use an item to return to a previous bonfire, make your way back to the bridge, and this time watch out for holes as you continue forward across the wooden bridge and into the Undead Purgatory.

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