Dark Souls 2 Guide: Pass Through the Dragon Aerie to Reach the Dragon Shrine

Dark Souls 2 Guide: Pass Through the Dragon Aerie to Reach the Dragon Shrine

Traverse the dangers of Dragon Aerie so you can reach your true destination and the final confrontation.

Head down the path and speak with the woman at the end to obtain an Aged Feather, then head across the bridge to the left and light the bonfire. Continue down the path and up the side of the mountain, then across the bridge. Take down the enemy ahead, then continue into the cave. Destroy the egg-like objects on the far right to reach the Radiant Lifegem item hidden behind them.

Continue towards the end of the cave and up to the open area to engage the dragon ahead. Fight it just like you fought the Guardian Dragon boss by focusing primarily on the hind legs, then pick up the Dragon Tooth, Soul of a Brave Warrior, Petrified Something, Twinkling Titanite, Boltstone and Darknight Stone items once it's defeated.

Head up the hill on the far side to find a crystal bug that drops two Large Titanite Shards, a Petrified Dragon Bone, and a Raw Stone. Go back down the hill and across the bridge on the far side. Pick up the Old Radiant Lifegem ahead, then take down the enemy and continue down the path and across the next two bridges.

Go up the mountain then around to the far right side before you head into the open area. Break the second set of eggs to find a Petrified Dragon Bone, then head into the open area to engage another dragon. Take down the dragon, then pick up the Large Soul of a Brave Warrior on one side of the area, and the Soul of a Great Hero on the other side.

Make your way down the side of the mountain on the far side, roll through the dragon eggs and engage the next dragon. Take down the dragon quickly to avoid having to fight it and the invader that appears shortly after the fight begins. This is the same invader you fought before, so watch out for its powerful magic attacks. Once both enemies are down, pick up the Firedrake Stone, Dragon Charm, Petrified Dragon Bone, Ring of the Evil Eye +1, and the Soul of a Great Hero.

Head over the next bridge, then proceed to the left and slide down the rope. Go up to the top of the area to find a ladder that leads down to the bonfire if you need to rest. Otherwise, take the next rope slide and head across the bridge once you land. At the end of the bridge you enter the Dragon Shrine. Continue forward to light the bonfire ahead.

Go up the stairs and take down the guard at the top, then head to the far right corner, destroy the crates and barrels, and use a Pharros' Lockstone on the face in the ground. Behind the hidden wall is a coffer that holds a Staff of Wisdom, Mark of Judgment, Robe of Judgment, Manchettes of Judgment, and Tights of Judgment.

Head up the stairs, dispatch the guard, then continue up the next set of stairs. Run across the path and take down the sorcerer ahead. Pick up the Faintstone on the railing, then jump across to the platform ahead. Continue to the left to find a coffer that holds a Drakekeeper's Greataxe and a Drakekeeper's Greatshield.

Turn around and head up the next flight of stairs, then around to the far left. Drop down again to find two chests. Attack the chest on the right and kill the beast to find a Washing Pole and a Petrified Dragon Bone. Open the chest on the left to obtain a Titanite Slab. Head through the doorway and down the hall into the next room. Take down the guard inside, then pick up the Skeptic's Spice and Twilight Herb on the far side, near the corner.

Pass through the door, and open the coffer in the next room to find the Third Dragon Ring. Head up the stairs and through the doorway to the right to fight the invader, Dragonfang Villard. Take him down, then pick up the Petrified Egg at the end of the room. Open the coffer in the far right corner to find a Watchdragon Parma, then turn around and drop down to the path below on the left to find a coffer that holds a Crystal Magic Weapon.

Drop down to the area below, take out the guard, then head through the door and up the stairs. Continue through the next door and up the next flight of stairs to battle against the two guards waiting for you in the middle of the stairs. There's another two near the top, and yet another two when you reach the top. The guards near the top are agile and will break your guard, so dodge accordingly.

Approach the doorway at the top to find another agile guard. Take it down, head down the hallway and into the next open area to speak with the large dragon ahead to obtain an Ashen Mist Heart. This completes your task in the Dragon Shrine. Your next destination is the King's Door in the Forest of Fallen Giants.

If you need more information and help, the rest of our Dark Souls 2 walkthrough and complete guide can be found here.

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