Dark Souls 2 Guide: Return to Huntsman's Copse and the Battle Against the Skeleton Lords

Dark Souls 2 Guide: Return to Huntsman's Copse and the Battle Against the Skeleton Lords

Our Dark Souls 2 guide continues with a return to Huntsman's Copse as you take down the Skeleton Lords and make your way to Harvest Valley.

Travel to the Undead Lockaway bonfire in Huntsman's Copse. Head out of the room and across the stone bridge to the right. You've already been down this path before, but this time you're heading to Harvest Valley instead. Follow the path, taking down the bad guys as you come across them. Take the first fork to the left, slaughter the enemies and pick up the item on the ground in the middle of the open area to obtain 10 Poison Throwing Knives.

Either drop down to the path below or head back the way you came and turn left at the fork to get to the lower path. Proceed towards the waterfall and head down the path to the right of the blocked doorway. Circle all the way around until you see a cave on the left. Enter it.

Knock down the skeletons inside. Pick up the three Flame Butterflies and pull the lever at the end to connect both halves of the cave, then return to the waterfall. Head up the stairs directly under the waterfall and enter the mist to begin your next boss fight: the Skeleton Lords.

Boss Battle: Skeleton Lords

The Skeleton Lords battle consists of three main skeletons that go down fairly quickly, then a much bigger horde of lesser skeletons that are even quicker, but have the advantage of numbers. As soon as you enter the boss arena, head straight for the first Skeleton Lord and defeat it quickly. You should be able to kill it before the other Skeleton Lords get too close. Do the same for the next two Skeleton Lords: as you attack one, keep the other in sight so you can evade any ranged attacks.

Once all three Skeleton Lords are down, target the lesser skeletons with wheels first, since these are the most dangerous enemies at this point. They race toward you on their wheels and inflict considerable damage if they hit. Take them down as quickly as possible, but stay on the move and keep as many of them as possible within view. If they race toward you, quickly dodge out of the way to avoid taking damage.

Defeat the wheeled skeletons, then focus on the remaining enemies. Don't try to fight them all at once; instead, move around and lure the enemies into small groups and dispatch them a few at a time. This makes the last portion of this fight much easier to deal with.

With the enemies down, head through the doorway to the right of the entrance. Continue down the corridor to the right and pull the lever at the end to lower the bridge. Head across the bridge and through the corridor, then down the ladder at the end. Continue down the path into Harvest Valley.

If you need more information and help, the rest of our Dark Souls 2 walkthrough and complete guide can be found here.

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